Kamado Joe Oven Offers from BBQs 2u with Excellent Features

People in UK who love grilled foods and enjoy barbeque parties can never miss the BBQs 2u, which is a 3-generation business having rich experience. BBQs 2u also enjoys sharing their knowledge about these foods with their customers too as they are very passionate about their grilling business.

No wonder BBQs 2u has also started expanding their business by representing some of the famous brands of oven manufacturers like Kamado Joe, Napoleon barbecue, and Ooni Pizza, etc.

Buying any oven from BBQs 2u will be supported by their excellent customer service and accessories of all those products at the best available prices. The accessories that BBQs 2u offers can also complement their high-quality barbeques that are suitable in UK’s climate.

The following are a few new offers from BBQs 2u for Kamado Joe oven models.


Kamado Joe is very proud to draw inspiration from that traditional grilling, has modernized the classic style of the grill with innovative accessories, unparalleled quality, and a different range of flexible surfaces for cooking, and come out with their Kamado Joe Junior model.

The thicker walls provided are very efficient and effective for retaining heat as compared to any other grills. After the grills are pre-heated, they remain very stable and able to cook at both low and high temperatures till the grill has enough charcoal and oxygen available. As they are made from, ceramic compounds hence are quite durable.

Undoubtedly, kamado grills are the best in terms of durability, temperature control, and versatility. Surely, an investment to make that can offer service for many years to come. This Kamado Joe Jnr model will make premium grilling possible almost anywhere whether you cook at home or near the lake to enjoy a picnic.


The following are a few features of this model.

1.     Fuel-efficient

The direct benefit that is offered by this model due to heavy ceramic construction is its fuel efficiency. Since the thick sides can retain heat so well, hence a very little amount of fuel will be needed to continue to cook and grill. It will be perfect for slow, long cooks for those diehard grillers who like to cook throughout the winter season.

2.     Versatile cooking methods

In addition to fuel efficiency, these grills are designed to accommodate a large spectrum of cooking methods. A few accessories such as a ceramic heat deflector could turn this kamado model direct grill into an indirect cooker, almost like an oven.

By adding a firebox, divider two distinct cooking zones can be created. Along with different accessories and setups, this kamado grill can easily roast, bake, sear, smoke, saute, grill, and do many more things

The exclusive multilevel and half-rack design can double the cooking space and will free the user to cook different kinds of foods on different levels by using different cooking surfaces.

Many more details are available about different models of ovens offered by BBQs 2u on various social network sites including Official Instagram too.