When you save money on energy, you help protect the environment as well as your wallet. Try out these simple energy saving tips in your home.

Follow Utilities Commission Advice

Often, the utilities commission provides information about rate variances throughout the day. For example, rates may be slightly lower when usage is lower, such as late in the evening.

If so, you can time some of your energy usage to take advantage of reduced rates. An example of this includes running the washing machine when you go to bed on a weeknight rather than on a weekend afternoon.

Insulate Windows and Doors

Don’t ignore faulty windows and doors in your home. These are the most common places where conditioned air escapes from your home, resulting in wasted energy. Fix cracks and insulate areas where there are drafts. If possible, invest in double-paned windows.

Acclimate Your Body Temperature

Your body has the ability to adjust to higher and lower temperatures in the home, but you must give it a chance to acclimate. Instead of automatically raising or lowering the thermostat when you get home, give your body time to get used to a temperate climate. You may be able to get used to a temperature where you don’t always have to run the A/C or furnace.

Hang Heavy Items to Dry

Heavier textiles take longer to dry in the dryer. Instead of spending the extra electricity, consider hanging heavier items on a clothesline or in a bathroom, at least until most of the moisture is gone. Then tumble dry for just a few minutes to finish the drying process.

These tips can be easily used in your house or apartment, and you’ll start to see the effects of your efforts as soon as you receive your next energy bill.