How often do you need to replace skylights?

Skylights are an easy way to get natural light in your home. They’re also energy-efficient so you save money each month on bills, which is a win-win. Like most of your home’s features, skylights do need to be replaced after some time.

When it’s time to schedule skylight replacement

If you’re starting to notice that your skylights are not functioning as they should or there are a few issues happening such as water leaks or condensation, it’s time to schedule a skylight replacement company to come to your property.


If you’re noticing condensation happening around your skylights, this is a serious issue that can cause permanent damage to your property. Condensation that comes and goes is usually due to environmental issues, however, condensation that creates leaks is what you need to watch for.

But, before you rush to call your skylight company you’ll want to assess the entire condensation situation for at least a week or two.

Water leaks

As skylights are exposed to weather conditions they can expand and contract. During this process, if you notice your skylight is causing water leaks inside your home, you’ll want to have your skylight installation company come evaluate their job to see if a replacement is needed. Sometimes, you can’t help but have a little leakage – but huge pools of water are not normal.


An easy way to know if you need to have your skylights replaced is if you notice huge cracks around the skylights where they’ve separated from insulation.

Smaller cracks may not be evident, which is why it’s recommended to have your skylights inspected once a year. If you have tubular skylights in your home, these are more resilient to cracks.

New roof

Something you may not have thought about when replacing your roof is that you should also have your skylights replaced if they have not recently been installed. Roofs typically last the same duration as skylights; 20-30 years.