When you are planning the recovery of your Rhinoplasty Toronto, you expect it to be long and tiresome. Hearing about the challenges that people face during the recovery period may even make you anticipate the worse. The recovery period after going a cosmetic procedure can be relaxing and stress-free by following just a few simple tips.

Prepare yourself in advance

Making preparations well in advance can help to make the recovery period easier. Clean your house, do your laundry and keep some loose clothes handy which you can wear with ease without disturbing your nose. You can also ask your friend or family to drive you to the appointments and help you around the house or you could hire help. Stock up with snacks, straws, books and anything else that you would be needing. Set up more than one recovery space for yourself as one place can get really boring fast. Get yourself a lot of firm cushions and a raised head on your bed to support your neck and shoulders.

Watch what you eat

Consume plenty of whole, healthy foods and avoid junk food. Avoid consuming alcohol as it is a depressant and may thin your blood. Smoking, on the other hand, decreases circulation and it is highly recommended to quit smoking for a while. Avoid consuming high sugar and processed food as they aren’t a good source of fuel or nutrients and in turn, make you feel bloated, tired and unhappy. Load up on protein, fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins, healthy fats and water.

Don’t think of your recovery period as bedrest

Mostly after undergoing cosmetic surgery, it is not advised to walk around as it is medically important. General anaesthesia leads to a slight risk of blood clots in the leg for a few days after the procedure. It is mostly of concern to those people who have a history of deep-vein thrombosis or health factors which increase their risk. However, after undergoing rhinoplasty you can walk around, climb up and down the stairs, but make it a point to walk slowly. It is recommended to avoiding aerobic exercises but moves enough to ensure that your body functions and you feel better.

Get dressed and make a move

Though staying in PJs is extremely comfortable, however, after 3 to 4 days you should consider dressing up in clothes that you feel good in and step out of the house. Though you may still look a bit bruised and puffy, stepping out of the house and meeting a friend and spending time with someone will make you feel more human and less restless. It is also a much-needed change.

Staycation Time

The recovery time can be used as an excuse to go to a beautiful and luxurious place and recover. You could stay in the hotel, read in peace and be surrounded by beautiful things. You could even unplug yourself from the virtual world and sit back and relax.