Tips To Help You Remember To Take Your Medicines

Sometimes people forget things. Things like car’s key, clothes, birthdays and anniversaries and whatnot. But one of the most common things that people forget is taking medication on time. This is because of the reason, taking medication can become so reflexive that you might get confused about whether you took your pill or not. Skipping medication can lead to some health issues. Surely health insurance will take care of it, but you should not forget to take your medicines. To help you, we have prepared a list that will help you to remember to take your medications:

Put Your Pills In A Pillbox

Weekly pillbox that consists of compartments for each day has gain popularity these days. Experts say that putting pills in pillbox is one of the easiest and best strategies that people who forget taking their medications can use. You will not only be reminded visually to take your medication, but it will also prevent you from taking double doses.

Use Technology

Technology has grown over the last few years. So, why not use it to remind yourself of taking medicines. You can set up electronic reminders. You can create a text or email alert that will give you a signal that it’s time to take your medicine.

Take Medications While Doing Your Daily Task

You might forget to take your medications if you are taking them at a separate time. You should tie taking your medication with an activity that you do every day. These activities might include, making breakfast, brushing your teeth, reading the paper, before going for morning walk, eating dinner, and more. Doing this will subconsciously make your brain aware of taking medicines during these activities.

Use Mobile Alarm

Mobile phones are so common these days and everyone must have a phone. You don’t need to have a smartphone, as every phone has a feature of alarm. You can use this alarm feature to remind yourself of taking medicine. You can set a daily alarm and take medicine at that time every day.

Say The Name Of The Medicine When You Are Taking It

Psychology says before you take your medicines, if you look at your hand, and say it loud that you are taking this pill on this day. This will send a message to your brain and you will have a memory of that particular incident and you won’t forget that whether you have taken the medicine or not.

Keep Your Medicine Near You

When you keep your medicine out of your sight, it will go out of your mind. So, it is advisable to keep your medicines at the same spot where you keep it every day.

You Can Always Take Help Of Loved Ones

You can always take the help of your loved ones, like your children or parents, or someone whom you can trust with your situation and can support you through treatment. This person will remind you to take medications.

The tips mentioned above will surely help you take your pills on time. Medications are expensive, but if you buy health insurance online, it will take care of the expenses of your medications.