Undeniable Facts about Smok Novo Pod Vape

You won’t find a better starter vape than the Smok Novo all in one pod mod. This Smok Novo starter kit has no complications in settings. You don’t have to press any buttons here because it is draw activated. With its power and functionality, this device has created a lot of buzz in the market. The style, size, and class of this device make it unique from the rest existing devices. 

What will you get with the device?

Smoke Novo vape kit offers you everything that you will need for the instant vaping. It is available in eight different colors with the snakeskin designs. The 2ml cartridge that is provided with the Novo pod will fill with the USB charger and the users Manuel. 

Although the provided USB cable will be very short it can be charged by any simple micro USB connection. So if you want to keep charging while vaping then you can easily find a longer cable. 

The Smok Novo pod vape system justifies its name because it an all in one system. It provides the most easily accessible and convenient way of vaping than the other products that exist in today’s market. Black, Red, Auto Pink, White, Rainbow, Blue, Green, and Royal Blue, these are the eight colors that you get in this product. 

The factor that first catches you is the size of the product. It is even lesser than the size of your hand. That’s why it is easy to keep in pockets or small bags. It has LED lights which indicates the charging and the getting lower of the battery. This is a very useful function to know the current state of the battery. 

You just need to remove the pod from the mod to the how much e- juice is remaining. This mod includes a rubber plug to prevent the juice from leakage. 

The addition of the drawing process gives the Smok starter kit new heights. It heats the coil automatically which emits sufficient nicotine for the vape. It will surely be one of the straightforward and compact Vapes that you have ever come across in your whole life. 

The reviews show that this the best product when it comes to vaping. So if you are choosing this product we can assure you that you are not on the wrong path. Also, the cost of this starter is not too high that the others.