How To Help Your Singapore Divorce Lawyer Represent You

Marriage is not always rainbows and butterflies. Husbands and wives can experience obstacles that challenge their relationship and fondness for each other. Some couples can overcome these hurdles, but others decide to call their union off to break free from an abusive or dysfunctional relationship. They file for divorce in Singapore after getting deserted by or separated from their spouse for a few years, experiencing adultery, or being on the receiving end of unreasonable behaviour. For these individuals, calling their marriage off is better than staying in a relationship that no longer satisfies them or their partner.


If you are considering filing a legal dissolution of marriage in Singapore, you need a capable divorce lawyer who will represent you, your stand, and your case. They will help you understand the acceptable grounds to dissolve a marriage in Lion City. They will also provide legal advice and assist you in disclosing your marital assets for the case.  Moreover, they can assist you in dividing your properties, developing parenting or custody plans, and checking if you are eligible for spousal support.

Thanks to attorneys in Singapore whose expertise revolves around divorce and its process, you can turn your back on a relationship that no longer benefits you. Their expertise will help you file a legal dissolution of marriage that protects your rights and interests. But the success of a divorce depends on your relationship with your attorney. If you help them represent you effectively in court, you can guarantee favourable results from your legal request to dissolve your marriage with your spouse.

But before learning to build a lasting and invaluable relationship with your divorce attorney in Singapore, you should learn to find and choose a capable and reliable lawyer to help with your case.


   I.        Tips For Hiring A Competent Divorce Lawyer

If you are considering working with a family lawyer in Singapore specialising in divorce, you should learn to spot the best one in the field. You will not want to work with an attorney who lacks knowledge, skills, and reliability in handling divorce cases. To help you find the ideal attorney, here are five tips to keep in mind:

A. Look For A Trustworthy Firm

Reliable firms only work with dependable legal experts. If you choose a trustworthy company that has never invaded their client’s privacy while and after handling their divorce cases in Singapore, you can guarantee that you are in good hands with their lawyers.

B. Consider Their Location

Going through the Singapore divorce process requires frequent meetings with your attorney. If you want to skip heavy traffic to meet with your lawyer, choose a firm with an office near your residence. Opting for an attorney who practices in your area will also benefit your case since they are familiar with its legal scene.

C. Learn About The Lawyer’s Background

Working with a divorce lawyer is like hiring an employee for a business. You will need to conduct an interview with them and learn about their background to ensure that they suit the position. You should also see if they have experience with similar or relevant cases to yours to guarantee they can help dissolve your marriage.

D. Check The Lawyer’s Character

When hiring a family lawyer specialising in Singapore divorce, you should avoid solely focusing on their knowledge and capabilities. You should also see if they have a pleasant character that does not make you feel threatened, uncomfortable, or misunderstood.

E. Inquire About The Costs

Filing for divorce in Singapore will cost you money. Before agreeing to work with an attorney, learn about their fees and see if they fit your budget. You can also ask for a breakdown of their charges to ensure they are not asking you to settle hidden fees.


II.        A Guide To Working With Your Divorce Lawyer

After finding the ideal divorce lawyer in Singapore, you may plan to meet with them ASAP to discuss your intent to dissolve your marriage. But before scheduling your consultation, you should understand what you should do to help your attorney represent you. Doing so will guarantee you a favourable outcome from your case. Scroll through to learn how to work efficiently with your divorce lawyer:

A. Know That Hiring A Lawyer Requires Reading

Working with a family lawyer for your Singapore divorce will require clients like you to read their lengthy correspondence. It may be tempting to skip them due to the number of sentences and paragraphs you need to understand, but this document contains your attorney’s advice and some crucial information about your case.

B. Schedule Your Meetings

Lawyer-client meetings are vital steps to filing a divorce in Singapore. These consultations will inform your attorney about the details of your case and help them formulate a comprehensive action plan.

C. Be Honest

Your divorce lawyer can only help you if you are honest with them. They need accurate details about your relationship with your spouse to represent you in court. Rest assured that they will not do anything suspicious with the information you give since they want you to experience favourable results from your case.

D. Raise Questions And Concerns

Questions and concerns are a natural part of filing a legal marriage dissolution. Your inquiries about their plan or lawyer fees for divorce will help you understand your case better—but only if you raise them.

E. Listen To What Your Lawyer Has To Say

You hired a divorce lawyer in Singapore to help dissolve your marriage, so it is only natural for you to listen to their advice. No matter how daunting or overwhelming their guidance may be, follow their recommendation to keep yourself from experiencing setbacks.

F. Always Keep Your Lawyer Updated

Part of being honest to your Singapore divorce lawyer is to keep them updated with the developments in your relationship with your spouse. Doing so will help them execute the necessary legal action to protect you.

III.        Hire A Capable And Reliable Divorce Lawyer Today!

Working with a divorce lawyer can ensure the success of your marriage’s dissolution. But before hiring them, you need to consider the tips above to help you find the best attorney.  Moreover, learn to build a fruitful relationship with your lawyer to help them represent you in court.

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