The UPSC is an exam that is heavy curriculum one, and it creates it imperative for learners to initiate their preparations. There is a difference between the Mains and the Prelims because of the kinds of questions. The Mains question is descriptive, but the Prelims questions are objective. If you are looking for the best coaching, there is the best top IAS coaching in Delhi. Let us discuss the information about how to prepare for the UPSC exam in detail.

Tips to prepare the exam

  • Keep updated with the latest or recent affairs

Newspaper is the best thing to prepare for the exam when you get into the habit of reading good newspapers then you may get knowledge about the current affairs. With the help of a news website, you may gain an understanding of national or international science, politics and technology issues. So when you take IAS online coaching, you may get a good score.

  • Goal setting or planning

To cover the whole UPSC prelims syllabus, you should plan your routine days, weeks, or months. More so, prepare a routine where you may spend a fixed amount of hours on education. Having goal setting daily or weekly, you may get the achievement.

  • CSAT preparation

CSAT has a syllabus that checks your logical reasoning skills and aptitude. Besides this, candidates with a science background and a strong in maths generally find it easy. They do not spend more time just practicing some mock papers. It is essential to prepare it properly, and learners must take emphasis on knowing all the concepts and practicing more questions.

  • Revision

The significance of revising may not be undermined, mainly as the Prelims include being capable of recalling various facts; it is where preparing notes help. With the notes, you may quickly revise the vast syllabus fast.

  • Aptitude tests and mock tests

Covering all the aspects such as mental ability, comprehension, logical reasoning during taking aptitude tests may be very beneficial in the longer run. These tests may need a load of practice so that it will be helpful. In addition to this, it will also be advantageous for you when you do practice with mock tests. Answering the past papers would provide you with various ideas on kind of questions and assess your preparation level. More so, you may plan how much time to spend on every question so it may give you ideas.

  • Don’t waver

Always work hard, and you could be tempted to give up as of the sheer enormity of work. Always keep in mind that Prelims is merely half the battle, and you may not afford to lose enthusiasm at this level. So study hard and take your time to do more practice. Do not take any burden and do your practice correctly.

  • Understand when to begin preparation

You required almost one year time to prepare for the UPSC exam. Firstly, you must begin with all subjects that overlap in both mains and prelims syllabus. More so, dedicated preparation for prelims must initiate at least three months before prelims.

It can conclude that UPSC prelims are significant for everyone and also make the future bright. Above mentioned all tips help you prepare for the UPSC exam vary fast. All these steps help you learn very fast and catch all the things fastly. You may easily cover your whole syllabus on time and get a good score when you follow all these tips. So do practice more; it has been rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. So focus on your exam and do the practice.