Things To Keep In Mind When Preparing For JEE 2022

It needs considerable grit to prepare for JEE main. Everybody approaches JEE preparation differently, demanding focus, discipline, and much effort. While some people stick to a detailed study schedule, others look for quick internet tips.

While preparing for the JEE main, one should adhere to some dos and don’ts.

The first is to unwind; if you have done your preparation, you will succeed! However, there are a few basic errors that students frequently make when preparing for the JEE main.

Start by not skipping the fundamentals—we stress, must not. Students frequently ignore fundamental ideas. Therefore, focusing on fundamental subjects like math and physics is imperative when preparing for the JEE.

You could be tempted to think that spending time on challenging subjects can compensate for this, but doing so will leave you more frustrated in the long run.


  • Your study routine, practice exams, and study materials can all greatly assist you in realizing your IIT dream. Let us walk you through some of these now!
  • Remain composed and trust the process. Having the JEE main might be intimidating or overwhelming, which can cause stress and ultimately lead to procrastination.
  • Make sure you treat your JEE preparation seriously. Although all it takes to succeed is self-discipline, determination, and hard work, concentrated preparation necessitates both these traits and the proper technique, which is only possible with the right instruction from knowledgeable professors. So look for the right experts who can clarify the concepts for you, answer your concerns, and point you in the direction of IIT.
  • Practice a lot, practice a lot more! The secret to success in any competitive exam is consistent practice. You can be sure to step up your game before the actual exam with practice materials. The most robust method of JEE preparation is taking practice tests.

You’ve studied the guidelines to follow for JEE main preparation, but you must also make some mistakes.


  • Don’t skimp on your JEE preparation. To ensure that you are well-prepared for JEE day, start preparing early and allow adequate time to review your concepts periodically.
  • When you comprehend every subject in your textbooks, you don’t need to memorize them. So, strive to learn conceptually constantly.
  • The biggest obstacle standing in your way of success may be procrastination. For better outcomes, put your plans into action as soon as you think of them and follow your schedule.
  • Never attempt to skimp on your JEE preparation. You should not let the perceived difficulty of JEE preparation cloud your judgment.
  • Don’t make JEE preparation your primary priority in life! It is acceptable to devote all of your work time to get ready, but watch out that it doesn’t turn into an obsession that dominates every element of your life and occupies your thoughts!


The competition is undoubtedly fierce, but these suggestions should help soften some edges. First, it would be best if you put a lot of effort and concentration into studying for the test. A lack of study time or preparation should not cause your JEE preparation to turn into an obsession or cause sadness.