Great Reasons Why You Should Apply for Singapore PR Status

Just the idea of it can be daunting for others. The thought of uprooting yourself from your home, moving to a foreign country, and having to adapt to a different language, culture, customs, society, and more is almost unthinkable. A majority of people would prefer to stick to the familiar instead of having to learn new routines and places just to fit in.

Why do people want to migrate to Singapore?

But for many, it’s just a reality. Millions of people around the world take the chance to leave their old home behind to move and settle in new countries, even despite the challenges faced by new migrants. There are many reasons why one would do this. Here are just a few of the biggest ones:

1) We want to follow our relatives or loved ones. Naturally, we want to be with our family. If, for example, you married a Singaporean national, there is a great likelihood that you desire to live with them there. You may want to apply for PR status in Singapore since you desire to go live with your spouse.

2) We want to pursue a career or educational opportunity. Another common reason why people migrate is that other countries may have a career or educational opportunity that your home country simply does not have, or maybe the job market in other countries is much better for you as an individual. Many students are interested in going to world-class universities, and very talented or skilled individuals can also pursue international job offers.

3) We want higher standards of living. One of the most common reasons why people migrate to other countries is because they want to live and work in a better environment. Not only do people want to pursue better opportunities, but we also want to live comfortably.

4) We want to expand or grow our business. Are you a business owner or investor? Many countries like Singapore are happy to attract foreign investors to explore new opportunities to discover promising new startups, technologies, products, and more. If you’re also looking to expand your business to the region, having a presence there can be very advantageous. 

Singapore is a country that is blessed with many attractive opportunities, which is why it’s a top destination for foreign nationals. But if that were the case, people would only be coming to live or work here and not seek a PR application in Singapore. What makes people want to stay here in the country and pursue a PR or citizenship status?

Living and settling in Singapore


Are you planning to settle in Singapore long-term? You’ve probably already looked into things like Singapore PR requirements. Obtaining a citizenship status is the final step in completely integrating into a new country. With citizenship, you now have the same rights as full-blooded Singaporeans who were born or have lived in Singapore all their life. 

Before you become a citizen, though, you need to become a permanent resident, which does have its perks and is also a part of the process of becoming a citizen. If you become a Singapore PR, you can enjoy:

1) Being able to live, enter, and exit Singapore freely. Unlike foreign nationals, who have to apply for visas and present travel documents, you can bypass this requirement. You will have an identification card that allows you to pass through borders more easily.

2) Change jobs or occupations freely. Most foreign nationals need a business or educational qualification, as well as documents from their employer, to work in Singapore. If they want to switch jobs, it’s not as easy. They need work permits, which are not easy to obtain because they can be rejected or delayed. As a Singapore PR, you can skip this step and have a much easier time transitioning between jobs.

3) Gain access to many government facilities and perks. Things like healthcare and other essentials which are provided to other Singaporeans will also be available to you. Singapore has an extensive network of government-funded perks that can help support you and give you a stable life.

An application for PR in Singapore can make life in Singapore much easier for you to handle. It also serves as an important stepping stone to citizenship, as one of the requirements to becoming one is having a Singapore PR status for at least 2 years. So why not consider this life-changing decision?

Determining your eligibility to become a Singapore PR


To apply to become a Singapore PR, there is a process that you must undergo. You have to submit the necessary documents and pay fees for your PR application to be processed. Keep in mind, though, that your application still has a chance of being rejected, so it’s a good idea to check and double-check the Singapore PR requirements before proceeding. It is also highly advisable that you hire an immigration agency to assist you in your PR application so that you stand a higher chance of being approved.

Firstly, are you eligible to become a Singapore PR in the first place? Not every foreign national falls under the category of suitable candidates. Here are the people who qualify:

  1. A spouse of someone who is already a Singaporean citizen or PR
  2. A child under 21, who is born or adopted by at least one parent who is a Singaporean citizen or PR
  3. An aged parent of a Singaporean citizen
  4. Foreign investors
  5. Employment pass, S Pass, or Personalised Employment Pass holders
  6. Foreign students studying in a qualified local institution

Looking for a PR application agency in Singapore to help improve your chances of becoming a permanent resident? Singapore Immigration Partners is happy to answer your queries about PR approvals and status. Check out their website for more information.

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