How to Choose the Right Trucking Company to Drive For

If you’re just graduating from truck driving school, you’re probably looking into trucking companies hiring drivers. Or maybe you’ve had enough negative experiences with companies, and you want to find a company you drive for with pride. Read on for how to find the right trucking company to drive for.

What to Look for in a Trucking Company

When shopping around for trucking companies as a driver, there are a few things you should look for.

  • Consistent Pay
  • Medical Benefits
  • Salary Stability
  • No Delay Penalties

Employees expect to be paid consistently. If you were working as a server at a restaurant or on the sales floor at a department store, you’d be paid consistently. When researching trucking companies to drive for, be sure to find out if they pay consistently on time. If they don’t you should search for companies that do.

Medical Benefits

Healthy drivers are happy drivers, and anything can happen as while you’re driving.  You shouldn’t have to worry about how you’ll cover a medical emergency on the road. A company who values their employees understands this and provides drivers with medical benefits.

Medical care is a necessity and many drivers have families who also need healthcare coverage. When searching for a trucking company, drivers should find out whether the company offers medical benefits.

Salary Stability

Every trucking company has a “salary” structure. However, all salaries are not created equal. Some companies pay cents per mile (CPM) which means you must drive a certain number of miles in each period to earn a specific amount. Additionally, when a company pays cents per mile, your mileage rate can change at any time.

You want to work for a company that offers a guaranteed base salary. A base salary ensures you’ll be paid a minimum annual salary regardless of the miles you drive each month. The company may offer mileage bonuses on top of your base, which gives you the incentive to make a little extra by hitting specific mileage numbers

No Delay Penalties

Road conditions can be unpredictable. Drivers shouldn’t be penalized because of it. Some trucking companies enforce penalties for delayed shipments. Weather, traffic, and emergencies can be unavoidable. Be sure to ask a prospective company if they use delay penalties to ensure against late deliveries.

What to Avoid

Avoid trucking companies that don’t clearly state their pay structure, benefits you’ll receive and time requirements before you can receive them.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to become a driver, find a company that strives to do better by providing drivers with consistent pay, medical benefits, and salary stability without delay penalties. Seek a company that treats drivers like family.