Nail art are a new trend of this century and people love and try to experiment a lot different kinds of nail art options. Women always love to make ourselves look put together different means. Nail polish is one of the things that help in making a person look very put together and polished. Previously people only used to wear nail polish at their home but now they go to a salon where there are people who help you with different kinds of nail art.


What is the nail art?

Anil art is sort of a form of art where a person draw something geometric for innovative on each of your nails. Every nail can be similar or different, totally depends on you how you want it. In this way you can achieve a good nail art by going to a salon. But if you are patient enough you can also do easier nail paints just by using a couple of nail paint shades.

Those who love different kinds of nail polish, keep different nail polish setswith them. There are so many different colours of nail polish and a lot of options to choose fromfor the nail category.

Types of nail paint

Even nail paints are of different types, shiny, math, shimmery, glitters, holo etc. Among all of these the matte nail polish stands out to be the one which is the most formal thing to wear with neutral colours. There are a fast range of nail polish shades in this particular collection of Manish Malhotra’sMyGlammwhere they have engaged a lot of colours for the wedding season and other occasions. From neutrals to reds pinks and purples, there are a huge variety of nail paint colour in this range.

Choose proper nail polish

So you have so many options to choose from that matte nail polish set which is very good for a day-to-day basis. At once make the nail polish look very elegant where the shimmery and the glitter were also very fun. They are been used especially on occasions but you can sometimes where it on a regular basis. Manish Malhotra collection fromMyGlammhas created so many different colours of nail paint catering to various different kinds of people. You just have to find which one is the best for your nail category.  Something which we were almost all the time and these nail paint of very strong and they do not chip easily.