How To Find The Best Face Foundation For Your Complexion

Finding the right foundation for your face is one of the most difficult tasks as many professionals also sometimes fail to find the right foundation shade that will match your skin exactly. Almost every human being has a different kind of face colour and it is difficult in that way for the brands to make different types of foundation shades for each individual. That’s why they make a couple of different shades that will suit a bigger category of people.


Why foundation is being used

Foundation is one of the most important and first state in the face makeup kit. It is called the base makeup which is done at beginning and upon it the other makeups will follow. That’s why the base has to be right and for that the foundation cream has to be good. MyGlammhas created a lot of different foundations for different customers. Apart from foundation MyGlammhas different kinds of face makeup products which are equally important for the makeup to be finished. Other than foundation there are concealer, bronzer, contour, blush, face highlighter, setting powder, setting sprays etc. are there for the face makeup category.

How will you choose foundation of your own shade?

There are lot of ways to find out the foundation of your own shade. But before that you need to understand which colour will suit your skin tone and for that you need to understand your skin tone. Looking at your breast you will find the veins in your hand. If your veins are green in colour then you are warm toned, if you are veins are blue in colour then you are cool toned and if you have both green and blue veins when you are neutral toned. This is how you would judge what facefoundation will suit you.

The highlighter creams

Other than the foundation and other face makeup products, the Manish Malhotra collection by MyGlammhas different liquid highlighter for face which have a huge value in modern days as many people like to apply liquid highlighter or face highlighter creamunderneath their makeup. You can also mix this highlighter creams with your foundation to achieve an overall glow to the skin. Highlighter is one of the last stepsfor the face makeup category while foundation cream is the first. But all of these are equally important and these solve a great purpose for the makeup collection. That’s why MyGlammhas given importance to the face makeup productas well as other makeup products. Check 新加坡最好的半永久学校.