An Expert’s Guide to Styling Gold Plated Earrings

Are you searching for a durable piece of earrings that is affordable? And also elegant? If you nodded your head, a piece of gold plated earrings is all you need. Gold plated earrings have charm and appeal as same as solid gold earrings. Be it in terms of design, aesthetics, durability, or material, gold plated earrings are no less than solid gold ones. However, if you are keen to invest in gold-plated earrings, there are some styling rules you need to stick to. Therefore, to help you don jewelry like a pro, mentioned below are some tips on how to wear gold plated earrings.

#1. Rules of wearing gold plated earrings with Different color Outfits

Gold plated earrings don’t go well with all colors. Similar to solid gold jewelry, gold plated ones are best to be paired with neutral hues such as black, white, beige, and cream. Since gold plated earrings have their unique dazzle, they exude elegance with simple outfits. You need to make your ensembles stand out. Here are some gold plated earrings and outfit pairing rules you need to abide by:

  • Pair stiletto shoes with your pretty black dress for classic appeal.
  • Wear golden sandals with white trousers to add a sparkling touch.
  • It is advisable to wear gold plated earrings with soft shades.
  • For a bold look, a bright shade like deep blue looks impressive with gold tones.
  • Refrain using bright red or patterned outfit with gold jewelry.
  • Certain colors such as orange and yellow should never be worn with gold plated earrings or rose gold ring. This is because they look terrible due to the clash between the two shades.

#2. Rules for pairing other jewelry with gold plated earrings

Don’t know what kind of jewelry to wear with gold plated earrings? Let’s take a sneak peek. The versatility of gold makes it suitable to be used with any gemstone. But that doesn’t imply that you can wear gold plated earrings with any type of jewelry. Here are some rules you need to follow when attempting to mix different metals:

  • Pairing different metals are advisable for less formal occasions.
  • For night parties or similar events, you can pair gold plated earrings with silver bangles or platinum pendants for girls.
  • For formal gala events wear anyone between gold and platinum.
  • Combining white gold with platinum goes well.

So, if you want to mix different metals, consider layering them.

#3. Rules for wearing gold plated earrings to different places

Where you should wear gold plated earrings and where not depends on your style. However, for regular wear gold plated hoops and stud earrings are considered ideal.

  • Gold plated statement earrings should be avoided during office time and business meetings.
  • Gold jewelry pieces encapsulate a romantic charm, thus, they should be worn for similar occasions.

Gold plated earrings are a versatile piece of jewelry that you ought to add to your jewelry wardrobe.