How long will a wig lasts

Knowing about wig

It’s always hard to know where to start when choosing a wig. For the first time a wig can be selected, to say the least, overwhelming with odd of styles, colors, brands, and wig types. A successful starting point to pick a great wig is to consider the distinctions between human hair and a synthetic one. The natural hair wigs are made of harvested human hair, so they look like your hair, feel, and act as well. Synthetic perennials are manufactured with special technology from human-made fibers that give the complete appearance and feel of real hair. 

The first time wig buyers have a misconception that hair wigs in human beings are “better” or of greater quality than synthetic wigs as they’re made of real hair. When a synthetic hair wig is of high quality, the gap between the two hair fibers sometimes cannot be discerned. Of course, there are similarities, just under the surface.

Wig lifespan

 Human wigs can last a year or longer when used every day, while synthetic wigs typically last for 4-6 months (heat synthetic wigs typically last only about 3 months). Wear your perch less often helps to hold it longer. The hair wigs human hair for woman should be of good quality for it to last longer.

100 percent true human hair wigs, under normal circumstances, can last for six months to one year, but they will serve you for a long term for around two years if you take good care of your 100 percent pure human hair wigs.

A decent hair wig of good quality will last for a couple of years if cared properly and not worn every day. You can get the most out of them when you have two or three human hair wigs and transform them every week or so.

Wig lifespan depends upon:-

  1. The Quality/ Origin of the Origin Head 

The great majority is Asian hair; it feels thicker and is straighter and more resistant to curling. Indonesian hair is more plentiful and can be seen in wigs of the ethnic type. The hair removal gives the chance to create different color patterns and curl patterns needed to make the wigs. With higher quality production processes, the product is superior and the price of the hair is higher. Remy human hair, a premium choice, is one of the highest qualities of hair. If the hair is of good quality it can last for up to one or two years.


  • How well should wig be looked after?


Although wig is made of human hair, which means that it can appear more solid than synthetic hair, it does not receive the skirt oils and vitamins that are necessary for it to be rejuvenated according to style and in day-to-day life, as its natural hair would.  Carefully blow-dry your wig. Most hair strands can be fastened to the cap using a bonding device, overuse of a hairdryer can lead to a loosening of knots and the hair loss. Often use them at a low temperature while using styling products like hair straighteners and curlers.

It’s up to you

A human hair wig is a long-term investment that the owner hopes to use. Many people wear wigs to conceal hair loss, alopecia, and bald spots with a wig. Contrary to synthetic perennials, human hair perennials are built to last longer. It’s essential to take good care of your wig to last for long and make your investment worthwhile!

In general, if you don’t wear wigs and take good care every day it will get damaged easily. Silicone hair wigs will last for more than 1 year. The front of the lace may last longer because the hair is all hand-picked to lace. Naturally, after 3 years 100% human hair wigs will go. In one word, the longer the wig lasts, the more attention you pay.