How to organize time for study

Dispose of distractions

It is preferable for an individual to remove all matters that may contribute to his occupation and disable him from work, for example when studying or writing, the phone ringtone and vibration should be turned off, then closed and put away so that he does not respond to calls or messages that hinder him from studying, and to ensure that Log out of all applications. [1]

Get enough sleep

A person should get enough sleep during the night, for a period ranging from 7-8 hours, so good sleep helps with physical and mental rest. It is also indicated that studying at night is less productive and focused, so work should be done to organize time to ensure adequate sleep At night. [1]

Make schedules per week

It is possible to do a schedule for the whole study weeks, for the semester and the academic year as well, and for the short-term goals to be written in the weekly plan, i.e. things that must be accomplished in this week, while the class plan includes the work that must be done over the entire semester. 2]

time calculation

The actual time allotted for the study should be calculated, as the number of hours of the day is twenty-four hours, so it is necessary to remove the hours of bedtime, eating, shopping, etc., thus reaching a time when it can be studied. [2]


An individual should prioritize the most important tasks, carry out the important study at the beginning, and if he is unable to complete everything, he will not be alarmed, due to the completion of the most important tasks. [3]

Take breaks

Sufficient rest time should be taken, to help focus without getting tired, so taking a short break every hour helps to recharge the school energy, as it can take place from the seat and move until the blood flows, and relieve tension. [3]


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