Local Cuisines You Must Try when Visiting Georgia

When many people think of Georgia, what runs through the mind is a list of top attractions, such as Tbilisi city, parks, and picturesque canyons. You are right – the country has so much to offer, and every trip will be worth the cost. In addition, you also get the opportunity to explore top-rated works of art, including art collections by John Dodelande, among other top collectors. To make your experience in Georgia more outstanding, you also need to sample local cuisines, and we are going to list some of the best.


This is a type of meat dumpling, and it is very popular in Georgia. Prepared with minced meat, kninkali is boiled until soft and can be served with other enrichments, such as veggies. It is soft, juicy, and very delicious, and most visitors love it.

The delicacy originated from the mountain areas of Georgia before spreading across the country because it is pretty easy to prepare and nutritious. Note that although the original recipe involved using meat, new versions have been developed, and it is possible to get some made with cheese, mushroom, and potatoes.


Another favorite meal Georgia is khachapuli, a pizza-like dish prepared using saltier mozzarella-like cheese referred to as Sulguni. However, it differs from pizza in that the cheese is not added on top. Rather, it is put inside the dough where it melts when baking.

Khachapuris can be of different types depending on the region, but they have the same appearance. The only khachapuri that has a different appearance is the Adjaruli khachapuri,which has a boat-shaped outlook. Once the khachapuri has been done, a raw egg is cracked on top, and a knob of butter is added. When eating the Adjaruli khachapuri, you have to break the boat-shaped bread and dip bits in a cheese-egg-butter mixture. This is one delicacy that you do not want to miss.


This dish originated from the Samegrelo area and is prepared using corn flour, sulguni cheese, and cornmeal. The cheese is introduced into the pot after the thickening of the cornmeal and cornflour, creating a stretchy cheese meal. Elarji is served plain, but you can also enjoy it with some bazhe. Some restaurants also serve it as a side dish of chicken.

Badrijani nigvzit

If there is one Georgian dish that makes most visitors keep coming back, it is the badrijani nigvzit. In English, the dish is referred to as eggplant with walnut. The food is prepared by plastering thin slices of chargrilled eggplant using walnut pasta. To make the cuisine even more delicious, the walnut pasta is flavored with tarragon vinegar, blue fenugreek, and marigold. Some restaurants even roll eggplant into rosettes and bejewel it with a smattering of pomegranate.

The cuisines we have listed in this post are only a few of what Georgia has to offer. You might also want to try others such as gebjalia, kubdari, and tone bread. No matter your preference, Georgian delicacies will never disappoint.