Extend the life of your furnace with these simple tips

Are you someone who gets anxiety every time your furnace repair technician comes to your home to inspect your machine? While maintenance appointments can become a bit stress-ridden should you need to invest in costly repairs, it’s important you don’t delay putting them off. In doing so, you could rack up higher bills that you weren’t prepared for or even spend the winter without heat – which means health and home risks.

We’re going to ease your anxiety a bit by giving you simple tips to help extend the life of your furnace so you no longer have to hold your breath each time your maintenance appointment comes around.

How to extend the life of your furnace

Get a programmable thermostat –

This tip may seem really simple to do but is often overlooked. A programmable thermostat allows you to set your furnace to be warmer during the hours you are home and cooler while you are away. This not only helps extend the life of your furnace, but it helps keep your hard-earned cash in your pocket and not in the hands of your energy company.

Prevent air leaks in your home –

One of the easiest ways to spend money on furnace repairs is by overworking your unit. When you overwork your unit, you undoubtedly set yourself up for costly repairs down the line.

Instead, invest in a $20 plastic window kit and/or door cushions that stop air leaks. Without noticing it, your windows and doors are the biggest culprits to leaks in cooler and hotter months.

Air filter –

Another way to avoid costly furnace repairs is by changing the air filter on your machine. If you’re not sure how to do this DIY trick, you can ask your furnace repair technician the next time he is at your house to show you or you can simply do a little research to find the exact model of your unit and a YouTube video demonstration.