Don’t be fooled by the brand, very comprehensive knowledge introduction of hardware sanitary ware

Composition and quality of common bathroom faucet hardware

1: material

At present, the main materials of faucets on the market are cast iron, plastic, zinc alloy, copper alloy and stainless steel. Cast iron is easy to rust, plastic is easy to age, and zinc alloy is poor in stability and easy to burst, resulting in short service life.

High-end faucets are basically made of national standard brass, and the price difference between national standard brass and non-standard brass is very large. The material, lead content and impurity content of GB brass are very low, which can bring you a healthy and environmentally friendly life. Stainless steel is also widely used in faucet industry recently,High-end faucets are generally above 304 grade,Stainless steel has good machinability and natural drawing effect on its surface, which is popular among young consumers,Compared with brass, its price has certain advantages.

2: valve core

Most of the high-end faucets use imported or foreign original ceramic valve cores, which are durable and can be switched for 500,000 times without dripping.

Traditional valve cores are made of metal materials, such as cast iron and copper, which will wear and rust after being used for a long time, resulting in unsmooth faucet switch or lax seal.

3: Hose

The water inlet hose of high-end faucet adopts all 304 stainless steel hose, which can guarantee the purity of water quality.

4: Bubbler

The water flow of high-grade faucet is gentle and comfortable, and it won’t splash around. This is because the bubbler is installed, which can fully mix the flowing water and air, so that the water flow has foaming effect,With the addition of air, the scouring force of water is greatly improved, thus effectively reducing the water consumption.

5,Surface technology

Electroplated surfaces of high-priced faucets usually feel like mirrors,If you press them with your fingers, your hand marks will disappear immediately. Moreover, the advanced environment-friendly electroplating technology can eliminate the secondary pollution of products and ensure the purity of water. For most hardware bathrooms, electroplating process is basically equivalent to chrome plating.

Bathroom hardware refers to all metal decorations in the bathroom, generally including soap nets, soap dishes, gargle cup holders, etc,These small accessories have various shapes, rich materials, and different brands, styles and functions. Moreover, bathroom hardware is usually used frequently, so purchasing a set of high-quality products will bring a lot of convenience to daily life.

It is different from the advantages and disadvantages of products in five aspects:

Raw materials:

Excellent: Fine polished pure copper, high-quality zinc alloy or titanium alloy are generally used as raw materials, with tight structure, heavy weight and thick handle.

Inferior: generally, inferior zinc alloy recycled materials are used as raw materials and cut corners to reduce costs, with loose structure, light weight and frivolous hand feeling.

Die casting and finishing process:

Excellent: Using large precision computer controlled die casting machine tools and digital precision machine tools, the blank surface is smooth, flat, free of air holes, silk defects and many other processes.

Poor: small die casting machine and crude machine tool are used, the pressure is insufficient, the surface of the product has pores, silk lines, cracks, defects and surface inequality, and the process is crude.

Bathroom hardware coating:

Excellent: in strict accordance with the national electroplating process standards, the coating is made of imported original copper, nickel plating and chromium plating, which has bright luster and thick visual sense, and does not wear, rust, blister or peel off after long-term use.

Bad: the electroplated layer is thin and uneven, with loose structure, poor bonding force and dull luster,Because of chrome plating directly on the blank, the surface is easily rusted, worn, blistered and peeled off after a period of use.

Bathroom hardware:

Excellent: the fasteners are made of stainless steel screws or copper screws, and the glass products are made of imported glass rings and discs with uniform thickness, high transparency and clear visual sense.

Inferior: Fasteners are made of iron screws, which are easy to rust,Glass products are made of low-grade products made in China, with uneven thickness, low transparency and turbid visual perception.

Bathroom hardware packaging:

Excellent: the packaging design is beautiful, the printing is exquisite, the trademark is clear and eye-catching, the manufacturer and detailed address are indicated on the outside, and the quality inspection certificate and installation instructions are provided on the inside.

Poor: the packaging uses poor raw materials, the printing is rough, the trademark is not clear and eye-catching, and the manufacturer is generally not indicated in the packaging, even the “three noes” products packaged in white skin.