How to design the bathroom rationally? This little article tells you

As an indispensable part of family life, the bathroom is closely related to our lives. Except for infrastructure, such as waterproofing, water and electricity and other projects, the later design is also very important. So how can we make the bathroom comfortable and beautiful? Next, let’s take a look at it!


  1. Make a dry and wet separation zone based on the living habits of the family.

The bathroom is the wettest place in the house, and the frequency of use is extremely high. Separating dry and wet is not only comfortable and convenient to use, but also prolongs the service life of many furniture and appliances. Many people will say that the area of ​​the home is too small and it is unrealistic to separate dry and wet, but in fact, plan the space and layout according to the size of your bathroom. Small apartment can also achieve dry and wet separation!

①Use partitions to distinguish dry and wet areas

I believe this design is very common. Using glass doors or partition walls to make a distinction, not only does not affect the overall daylighting performance, but it will also be very convenient to use in daily life. If it is a partition wall, you can also reserve a small storage space on the wall to place aromatherapy and small plants, which can smell fragrance all day long.

②Use shower room to distinguish dry and wet areas

In recent years, the shower room is very popular, especially by the small apartment owners. Taking a bath in the shower room has a certain degree of warmth and is also a good choice. However, when choosing the shower room, do not choose the top wall. Reserve the actual centimeter at the top, which is conducive to dissipating water vapor and ensuring personal safety. Also, the shower room should be open to the outside to prevent people from fainting on the top. Staying at home affects rescue.

③ Separate the hand washing area from the toilet and bathing area

If the toilet area is 5-6 square meters, you can consider to separate the sink and use the toilet door to separate dry and wet. The advantage of this is that the toilet area is separated from the washing area, which can avoid the embarrassment of grabbing the toilet in the morning.

④Use shower curtain to distinguish

If the space is really small, you can also use the shower curtain to separate the wet and dry areas. Using the shower curtain to separate the wet and dry areas is not only economical and convenient, it is especially suitable for young ladies who like to take a bath.


With the separation of dry and wet done, let’s take a look at how to design the drainage of the shower area more scientifically and reasonably.

The first is the floor drain. There is no doubt that as a “drainer”, floor drain is definitely the top priority in the bathroom. Drainage is one aspect, and odor prevention is the second major function of floor drain. Generally, a good floor drain should meet the following three Conditions: fast drainage, good deodorization effect, easy to clean , so the choice of floor drain is particularly important.

The shower area can choose a double protective floor drain cover, which can easily block the garbage, which is especially suitable for the hostess at home with longer hair. The shower area has a relatively large drainage volume. You can choose a plumb-type floor drain . When there is no water, the baffle will be automatically closed by gravity. It has strong sealing, insect-proof and odor-proof.

The floor drain is generally installed at the corner of the wall, at the lowest point, it is best to have a slope to facilitate drainage.

It is best to choose a big brand for water retaining strips and glass , especially for babies who use glass doors for wet and dry separation. Because the water temperature is relatively high during bathing, the glass is easy to expand and contract. There are news reports that some people have chosen unqualified explosion-proof products because of the desire to be cheap. Glass, bursting glass filled the whole body, it was really dangerous.

The floor tile design of the shower area can refer to the hotel-style design, with non-slip marble in the middle, and water channels around it, so that the design is non-slip and reasonable.

And last but not the least is wax decoration, and knowing how to use a wax warmer is a good go.

The wall tiles of the shower area can be appropriately selected with patterned tiles, so that when you take a bath, you will be pleasing to the eye and your mood will be much better!