How to design the bathroom to make sense? This small article tells you

The bathroom as an essential part of family life, and our lives are closely related, excluding infrastructure, such as waterproofing, plumbing and other works, the later design is also very important, so how to make the bathroom with a comfortable and good-looking? Let’s take a look next!


A, combined with the family’s habits, do a good job of separating wet and dry areas.

The bathroom is the most humid place in the house, the frequency of use is also extremely high, good wet and dry separation, not only comfortable and convenient to use, but also to extend the service life of many furniture and appliances. Many people will say that the home area is too small, do wet and dry separation is not realistic, but in fact, according to the size of their own bathroom space and layout planning, small households can also achieve wet and dry separation Oh!

①Partition to distinguish between wet and dry areas

I believe this design is very common, the use of glass doors or partition walls to make a good distinction, not only does not affect the overall lighting, and usually life will be very convenient to use. If you do the partition wall, you can also set aside a small space on the wall storage, placing aromatherapy and small plants, the whole day can be fragrant.

② Distinguish wet and dry areas with a shower room

Shower room is very popular in recent years, especially loved by small homeowners, bathing in the shower room, with a certain degree of warmth, is also a good choice. However, the selection of the shower room does not choose the top wall, set aside the actual centimeter at the top, which is conducive to emitting water vapor and ensuring personal safety, and the shower room should choose the door to open outward, so as to avoid people fainting inside the top of the door to affect the rescue.

③Wash the hand washing area and toilet bathing area independent open

If the bathroom area of 5-6 square meters, you can consider the sink independently, using the toilet door to achieve wet and dry separation, the benefits of doing so is the toilet area and wash area separate, you can avoid the embarrassment of grabbing the toilet in the morning.

④ Use shower curtain to distinguish

If the space is really small, you can also use the shower curtain to achieve wet and dry separation, the use of shower curtains to distinguish between wet and dry areas is not only affordable and convenient, especially for the ladies who like to take a bath.


Do a good job of wet and dry separation, let’s see how the drainage of the shower area is more scientifically designed and reasonable.

First is the floor drain, no doubt, as “drainage big brother”, the floor drain is definitely the most important in the bathroom, drainage is one hand, odor is the second function of the floor drain, generally a good floor drain to meet the following three conditions: fast drainage, good odor, easy to clean, so the choice of floor drain is particularly important.

The shower area can choose a double protection floor drain cover, which can easily block the garbage, especially suitable for the lady of the house with long hair. Shower area drainage is relatively large, you can choose the lead drop floor drain, no water when the use of gravity automatically close the baffle, strong sealing, insect and odor prevention.

Floor drains are usually installed in the corner, located at the lowest point, preferably with a slope to facilitate drainage.

Water stopper and glass is best to choose a big brand, especially with glass doors to do wet and dry separation of the baby, because the water temperature is relatively high when bathing, the glass is easy to thermal expansion and contraction, the news has also reported that some people because of greed for cheap choice of substandard explosion-proof glass, blown glass zap all over the body, is really dangerous.

Shower area floor tile design can refer to the hotel-style design, the middle of the use of non-slip marble, surrounded by good water guide groove, so that the design is non-slip and reasonable.

Shower area wall tiles can be appropriate to choose a pattern of flower tiles, so that the bathing time pleasing to the eye, the mood will be much better Oh!