Corsets Are Trending – Flaunt Your Curves With It!

Its time to embrace the retro trend of corsets to spice up your new outfits. Corsets have made a colossal comeback as vintage fashion with celebrities and fashion influencers sporting the bold corset look. Black corsets were widely popular back in the 16th century, and throughout the years, it has experienced many modifications. Top global fashion brands like Alexander McQueens and Prada are all popularizing the vintage garment as a must-have.

Historically, the majority of the population both men and women wore them, with men wanting their stomachs to be held in while women wore it as perfect shapewear. Also, corsets in the past signified both beauty and oppression. But, now wearing a black corset is reclaimed by women as a symbol of empowerment and boldness.

Corsets can be incorporated in almost all outfits for every occasion to add the right dose of perfection. Corsets are often made from coutil, luxurious silk, or other decorative fabrics to add spice to any casual outfit. Every woman should own a corset as it is a necessityfor everyday fashion.

Soft, lace-up styled corset – best seen in Prada’s Fall 2016 version – are malleable and designed to be worn atop dresses, blouses, or jackets to create more shape at the waistline. In 2018, they were pretty much another layer worn with your regular jeans—not necessarily as a “statement” piece. But, by the end of 2019, celebrities started endorsing corsets, flaunting them as a fashion trend to accessorize any look and upgrade the hotness quotient.

As an easy and comfortable introduction to the look, try a slim version as it will feel more like a belt than a waist trainer. Once the confidence and comfort are found, you can upgrade to a bustier one: done in gingham prints, jacquard fabrics, and beyond. It’s a fail-proof formula to layer it over a basic tee-shirt-and-jeans outfit.

With corsets, it’s all about finding the correct balance. Make sure you find the perfect base layer to wear underneath to ensure no discomfort or excess bulkiness. Feel free to experiment and try to create a juxtaposition between a loose top and a structured belt.

So are you all set to try the corset experiment? Go, own one, and flaunt it!