Rideshare services has taken the commuting world by storm. Credit this to advancements in wireless technologies, the Internet and mobile gadgets, making it possible for rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft available to the public. Since then, it’s quite commonplace to find commuters from all walks of life, in large cities like Los Angeles, to take advantage of the convenience and accessibility of getting private or shared transport through these apps.

With over 10 billion Uber trips worldwide, 14 million Uber trips each day, and 41.8 million users in the US market alone, the figures sure ain’tlyin’ in attesting to the tremendous popularity of rideshare apps. And that’s just Uber! Lyft’s numbers basically tell the same story – over 23 million users, 350 US Cities and more in the rest of North America, offering commuters rideshares on fancy cars, public transport, bikes and scooters.

But while many people rely on these rideshare apps to get around, the risk to car accidents and personal injuries remain as real as it gets. Getting involved in a rideshare accident is more complicated tricky than it seems, even if you’re not at fault or if the rideshare driver carry insurance coverage. It’s not that simple to get proper compensation just like that. What you need is the help of real legal experts such as a certified Uber accident lawyer.

To process a personal injury claim from a rideshare accident, you’ll need a lot of paperwork, including testimonials and evidences to prove that you were not at fault. On top of that, you need to find out how much compensation you should demand from your personal injuries, which may include medical expenses and lost income due to your inability to work. These are complicated matters that ordinary citizens cannot handle on their own, that’s why you need a good Uber attorney or a Lyft lawyer to do these work for you – and get compensated.