Christmas Is Not Going To Be Cancelled: Malaga And Marbella Have Got Things Going On

Christmas has finally arrived! And it is precisely this long-awaited season of change, renewal and festivity just what was needed to say goodbye to what, in general consensus, has been a year to be forgotten.

And it is that the COVID crisis has not gone unnoticed anywhere in the world, causing greater or less damage in different countries, and in Spain in particular it has hit quite hard, mainly due to its intermittent waves and peaks.

Although the comings and goings in the health alert phases have not allowed this last quarter of 2020 to not be that of the economic recovery that was expected, the truth is that the prolongation of health restrictions far beyond what was expected has been a determining factor in the resumption of trade and tourism activities, mainly to avoid disadvantaging local businesses and their employees.

Christmas won’t be cancelled!

Although everything related to sanitary restrictions is in full force, the truth is that the Christmas season and the festivities are not close to being canceled either.

Although this year we should have already made up the idea that we should say goodbye to the great musical and light shows to which the cities of Malaga and Marbella had us pleasantly accustomed (this as a measure to avoid large crowds of people), It is true that the city councils have taken action to ensure that the spirit of the season reaches their citizens.

A measure highly acclaimed by popular critics is the one that the local government has taken is to allocate more than 70% of the budget normally dedicated to lighting for the rescue and aid to local businesses, even encouraging help so that they can decorate their stores, and even launching a decorating contest among them.

Another issue is that of sanitary restrictions, which although they prohibit large crowds of people, they do not really prohibit the celebrations themselves. This is why bars and restaurants will be providing their services, although taking into account that there is a maximum of people per table that must be respected.

Parks, museums, squares and avenues will be cut off and with lots of commercial activity destined for locals and visitors alike.

The towns of both Marbella and Malaga will make all the necessary precautionary measures available to their visitors so that the visit is completely safe.

In this context, something that visitors are advised is to have transfer services. These can even work between cities, being easy to find Malaga to Marbella transfer that fit everyone’s budget.

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