Essential Overlanding Gear For Your Next Adventure

For those who are uninitiated, Overlanding is the process of traveling long distances in your vehicle. Whether you’re brand new and looking to start or a seasoned pro getting back on the road. We’ve compiled a list of essential gear to pack before heading out on the open road in the backcountry of Utah.

#1 – A Capable Vehicle and/or Trailer

It may seem obvious since it is literally the thing you drive for your trip, but finding a top-quality vehicle or trailer is perhaps the most important piece of Overlanding gear out there. In your exploration of vehicles, you may see ones that are built out to be all-in-one vehicles and campers. And while building your own custom vehicle may sound enticing, it’s not always a viable option.

Car rooftop tents can provide a great alternative to making your vehicle more capable of an Overlanding setup.

#2 – First-Aid Kit

As many wise Utah adventurers have stated, “I’d rather have it than not need it, than need it and not have it.” First-Aid kits are an essential component of Overlanding gear, and ideally, one you won’t have to use.

#3 – Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket

Often an overlooked piece of Overlanding gear, fire extinguishers, and fire blankets are things you can throw in your vehicle and forget about until the time comes.

Accidents can happen when cooking, and not having a fire extinguisher handy can lead to disaster, so it’s necessary to always have one on hand.

#4 – Tools

A well-rounded toolkit is an essential piece of Overlanding gear because it’s best to expect the unexpected when off-roading. Make sure to bring tools for your specific vehicle and gear, as it’s critical to have the right tools when out in the wilderness. It’s pretty standard to include a set of spanners, a crowbar, a hydraulic jack, socket wrenches, and even duct tape.

#5 – Extra Fuel & Water

One of the most vital pieces of Overlanding gear you will bring is the fuel powering your vehicle and the water that fuels you. Packing a couple of jerry cans of gasoline will give you peace of mind if you end up on an empty tank in the middle of the backcountry in Utah. For yourself, packing an emergency supply of water could be the difference between life and death since humans can only go three days without water. It is easy to see why these two items should be on nearly any Overlanding checklist for those two easy-to-understand reasons.

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