Best Cat Breeds for New Owners

Cats and children complement one other like peanut butter and jelly. A cat may be an adorable snuggler, a wonderful secret keeper, and, most significantly for parents, a low-maintenance addition to the household that teaches children patience and responsibility. When deciding which breed to bring home, families must consider their lifestyle and habits. Certain breeds are more high-maintenance than others, while some kinds are more social and friendlier than others. You want a cat that will be easy to get along with, especially if you have other pets, and that will not take up a lot of your time.

Maine Coon

They are known for being extremely gregarious, friendly, and playful. They can have certain dog-like characteristics, such as walking on a leash and playing fetch, so they’re ideal if you’ve always been a dog owner and are now expanding your horizons to include cats. They are intelligent and easy to train, they enjoy being the centre of attention, and they are versatile.


Abyssinian cats are ideal for homes with older children since they are active, intelligent, loyal, and people-oriented (they may opt to bolt away from toddlers and babies). When it comes to humans, they’re master manipulators, and they’ll most likely have you and your family wrapped around their little fingers, sorry, paws. Although Abyssinians enjoy being around people, they are not lap cats as much as they are outside observers.


The Manx, which originated on the Isle of Man, is another of the greatest breeds for children. These medium-sized, rounded felines often without tails are active, but not unduly so, in the stock of working cats. Their muscular hind legs allow them to leap to tremendous heights as they speed around the house, earning the breed a “dog-like” reputation due to the cats’ playfulness and loyalty.


Depending on how big of a Swiftie you are, you may already be familiar with the premier cat breed known as Scottish fold. Their folded ears give them their name, and their huge eyes give them a distinguishing appearance. Scottish folds are a medium-sized breed (9 to 13 pounds) that are completely devoted to their owners. They thrive on human attention and are unfazed by loud noises, making them an excellent choice for city dwellers.


Persian cats are so adorable that they appear to be stuffed creatures, yet they are not. They are *the* most popular cat breed, owing to their beauty as well as their gentle nature. It may take some time for Persians to adjust to a new environment, but once they do, they will be completely at ease in your house. Brushing them is necessary on a regular basis, but it is worthwhile. Visit here for more information.


If you’ve avoided cats because you don’t want to deal with their hair (which is understandable! ), acquire a Sphynx. These hairless cats may have an unusual appearance, but they are extremely loving and require no grooming. They are also quite laid back and relaxed.