What is better? SEO or social media marketing?

The above question is a problem for many people, who don’t know which way to go in terms of advertising their businesses on the Internet.

Content is the King when it comes to Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as well – but the main difference between them is that one focuses on being found instantly and the other focuses on building relationships over time. Understanding what each strategy entails can help you determine which best suits your business needs. Here’s a closer look at both social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) in the hope that you can use this information to see how these various online strategies fit together to drive conversions.  If you need help with your SEO, we suggest you contact Spark Factory.

Social media ads are instant with no stability, SEO takes time but is incredibly stable.

Social media marketing is all about instant gratification, gaining fans and followers, and building relationships on a personal level. Social media marketing looks to get the story out there through specific social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter in order to attract people who are interested in what you’re offering. Social media ads can be done organically (non-paid) or with paid advertising.

Social media is a great way for businesses to market their products by providing valuable information that goes beyond just basic catalogs and price lists so customers can gain a better understanding of particular brands, business culture, and customer service options. Social media is also an effective way to identify consumers with similar interests & problems which allows businesses to create highly personalized messages targeted at those individuals.

On the other hand, SEO targets a far more intent-driven audience. SEO is a non-personalized method of digital marketing that offers businesses little to no opportunity at the identification stage. SEO requires companies to be more transparent and descriptive in their content because SEO relies solely on search engines sending traffic by ranking sites based on what users are looking for. SEO can also be used as a new strategy to personalize SEO through display advertising, influence SEO, or SEO services that can target individuals with specific interests and problems. An SEO audience is actively searching for your product, service, or information. Instead of targeting uninterested users, customers actually target you in their search engines. SEO generates traffic that is more targeted and less generic, which leads to a higher ROI because SEO makes your business seem SEO-friendly. SEO creates long-term relationships through SEO tactics like SEO content and SEO blogging that can create more brand recognition, positive experiences for customers, and the opportunity to educate them about products. The SEOs’ ability to link search engine optimization techniques allows SEO services companies to build relationships with SEO users by giving them incentives to use any service they provide. Search engines send advertising revenue directly to SEO services businesses based on how often their websites are visited or clicked through. Social media marketing requires sites with active user bases of people who follow each other’s activities and provide the necessary tools for sharing or taking part in a community online.

We recommend that you invest in both social media marketing and search engine optimization techniques. Businesses that skip either of these marketing techniques are likely to miss out on large portions of the online user base, as well as losing long-term revenue opportunities in their target markets. Business growth is always good for any business, especially a small business.

SEO can take time. Just because your SEO campaign begins today doesn’t mean you’ll have the results you want tomorrow or even in a month down the road. Businesses that do not plan on being in it for the long haul may want to consider investing with more immediate returns offered by social media marketing campaigns instead. If you’re looking to build lasting relationships with customers and prospects, however, then SEO services could be exactly what your company needs. This is why we believe it is better to invest in SEO.

One benefit of social media marketing is that it’s an instant return on investment because people can see you’re providing good services, products, or content right away! Sure, some companies might get lucky enough to score a big customer through social media but many more fail than succeed in this area. Businesses will be better off when they focus their energies on SEO instead. For more information on SEO agencies check out EngineRoom.