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11 Jul 2020

Author: Herman Walker


What is Business Insurance? 

Owners and managers of commercial enterprises often have questions such as what is business insurance and where to get business insurance that is reliable at realistic rates. Here, we’ll explain what business insurance is and discuss the various types that are most often essential for…


History of the Darksaber 

The lightsaber has come in many different colors and shapes over the years. Star Wars has shown us an incredible array of intergalactic weaponry unlike never before. However, nothing strikes fear into the hearts of the citizens of the galaxy much like the black lightsaber….


Startup Challenges: Business Entity Type 

Starting any new business in California is a challenging and complex task. Product decisions must be made. A marketing strategy must be developed. Capital must be acquired, through personal assets or by fundraising. Needs for offices or warehouse space must be addressed. Then there are accounting decisions to…