A Crash Course On H1 And H2 Mathematics

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a scientist, engineer, technician, or anything related to the STEM field, then chances are that you’ll benefit from the best H2 math tuition in Singapore. Landing a stable job in these industries oftentimes means that you need to focus on science and mathematics in particular. It isn’t hard to see why: these professions use maths as the basis of their work. If you are not adept in this subject, you will not be able to graduate and get your dream jobs.

There are many young students hoping to get into the workforce. Singapore is home to some of the most educated students in the world. Because of this, the job market is highly competitive, excellence-driven, and cutthroat. So if you want to thrive in such an environment, you’re going to need to do all the preparations you can make to succeed in your future career path.

How Singaporeans start prepping early

It’s alright to be a bit indecisive in your early school years, but when you’re approaching your junior college years you should already be figuring out which areas of education you excel in. When you know this, it becomes much easier to narrow down the paths you want to take. Choosing the subjects you excel in will guarantee that you will have an easier time in your courses.

Of course, mathematics is by no means an easy subject, but it is one that you have to take to get into many fields. Maths is an essential subject in engineering, scientific research, and other STEM fields, but it is also used in other fields such as medicine, economics, and business.

You probably already know that there are different levels of mathematics that you can choose from when you enter JC. When you get into junior college, you may need to decide whether you need an H1 on H2 math tuition centre in Singapore. Different course requirements may need different levels of mathematics. The level that you choose will determine the challenges and subject content that you will encounter in school.

What are A levels, and which ones should you take?

Entering Junior College? As early as now, the Singaporean education system is already preparing you for the material that you may encounter in your college or university years. Thus, the subjects that you take in JC will make a significant impact on your experience in college.

You can take mathematics at three different levels: H1, H2, and H3 level mathematics. The numbers indicate the weight or difficulty level of the subject, with H1 being the lightest and H3 being the heaviest. Depending on the college course you want to take, you will need to know which A level subjects you want to take. As an example, STEM courses (anything falling underneath the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields) will most likely require you to take H2 mathematics, whilst other subjects like medicine or economics may require students to only take an H1 level class. If you really want to be distinguished from the herd, H3 mathematics is also an option, though they are not a requirement in JC are mostly taken by gifted students.

How to know when you should take H1 or H2 level mathematics

Don’t know whether you should take H1 or H2 level maths? First, you have to know how the JC system of Singapore works. You have the chance to select four subjects to complete your studies. These four subjects all vary from arts to science streams and you need at least three H2 subjects for it to be viable. Most students pick a combination that will suit their future picks for university courses. For example, if you’re planning to take sciences, then H2 levels in chemistry, mathematics, and physics can be viable.

Before looking for a maths tutor in Singapore to help guide you on your courses, learn more about the differences between H1 level and H2 level mathematics. We already know H2 is heavier, but how heavy is it? H2 level mathematics is twice as demanding with its requirements because it is a major subject.

H1 mathematics focuses more on the fundamentals and will teach you main topics in statistics and maths, which is why they’re perfect for business courses. They focus more on pure maths and have topics that may be easier to get into. H2 mathematics, on the other hand, focuses on analytics and conceptual topics that you might not understand easily. The breadth of H2 maths is more comprehensive.

There are also key differences between H1 and H2 mathematics regarding the exams and requirements you need. For example, in H1 maths, the final paper consists of a three-hour exam, while in H2 maths, you are required to do two papers worth three hours each.

What are the courses and professions you can get into when you take H2 level maths?


Did that last part dissuade you from taking H2 maths? Don’t let it discourage you. There are tons of interesting professions waiting for you if you ever decide to take higher-level mathematics. Why not rise up to the challenge and try taking H2 maths? You won’t be alone; you can find a math tutor in Singapore who can assist you in getting better grades. Check out the different courses that you can take:

  • Engineering courses.
  • Information Technology, web development, and other related courses.
  • Accountancy, finance, and select business courses.
  • Science courses such as physics and biology.

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