Popular Fashion Trends That Bollywood Celebrities Are Embracing

Those two words, “Bollywood” and “Fashion,” are often used interchangeably. Indians’ lives have been significantly impacted by Bollywood fashion because they are readily influenced by its ultra-glam and trendy appearances. Let’s take a look at some of last year’s most talked-about fashion trends that are here to stay this year:

Everything  Oversized

You may be wondering, “What happened to skinny jeans?” Celebrities ensured their off-duty outfits were as easy as possible by wearing their favourite sweatshirts, t-shirts, and jeans. Anushka Sharma’s park-going casualness is one example, while Ranveer Singh, who can rock any style, is another.

Neon Colours

All across this year, we saw a steady stream of neon colours, from the runways to the many different outfits worn by multiple Bollywood and Hollywood leading women. It’s a winning formula that will almost certainly be repeated next year. Several well-known people have been rocking the neon trend for some time now.

Statement Sleeves

The best-dressed celebrities have learned the power of puffy sleeves when adding a wow element to their OOTDs. The volume was unquestionably higher this year, as seen by the prevalent oversized shoulders and blousy peasant sleeves.

Tie-Dye Prints

The hippie era and its signature tie-dye patterns are back in style. Whether it be a t-shirt, sweater, or dress, the delicate design was proven to be a wardrobe essential, especially among celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Infinity Blouse

This bold and original artwork debuted at the year’s close and quickly became a hot topic. Because of its similarity to the infinity sign, it became a sensation on the internet. According to Manish Malhotra, the ladies of Kutch inspired this idea with their scarp-style blouses.

These, along with tennis skirts, co-ord sets, and pantsuits, were very influential all year. As 2023 approaches, we anticipate the emergence of many exciting new styles and trends.