7 Tips On How To Host A Dinner Party Stress-Free

After months of lockdown, we can now look forward to hosting dinner parties with friends and family once again. We know you’re well out of practice, so we’re offering a few tips and tricks on how to host a stress-free dinner party with your pandemic bubble. Strap on your Personalized kitchen aprons, and get ready to plan an evening of good eating and fond memories.

1. Preparation is key

A major reason why a host gets overwhelmed during dinner parties is because they’re trying to do too many things at once. Give yourself enough time to plan ahead. Cook any food that can be done in advance like chilled desserts or casseroles. You can put on personalized kitchen aprons to keep yourself neat and move at your own pace in the kitchen way before your guests show up at the door.

2. Keep it casual

The whole point of having a dinner party is to enjoy the company of family and friends. Consider a casual dress code for yourself and your guests. Try personalized kitchen aprons that you can wear inside the kitchen but are stylish enough to welcome guests to your home.

3. Take precautions

Stains and spills can pose a problem during dinner parties, especially if you’re the host. While your guests enjoy appetizers, wear a personalized kitchen apron when you cook the main course to avoid getting wine or sauce on your clothes. This will also serve as good protection for burns and hot liquids.

4. Make it a group activity

Being host of a dinner party doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do all the work. If you live alone and could use some help, ask others for help in preparing and cooking the night’s feast. Hand out personalized kitchen aprons to your guests to ensure that everyone participating in the group activity won’t have to worry about their clothes.

5. Play games

Let your hair down and plan some games to make the night fun and interesting. Playing fun games such as charades or Pictionary doesn’t need a lot of effort. Offer cute rewards like personalized kitchen aprons or a batch of cookies to the winning team.

6. Keep important things on your body

Wear personalized kitchen aprons and put essential items like your phone, kitchen timer, and some wet wipes inside the pockets. This way, you don’t need to be running around the house trying to look for various items all night. Pro tip: keep a tiny mirror and some lipstick or blotting paper in the pockets so you’re always ready for pictures.

7. Consider serving food that doesn’t need cutlery

After all the guests have gone, it’s not always fun dealing with the mountain of dishes and cutlery in your sink. Make things easier by serving finger foods like pizza, chicken wings, small sandwiches, or sushi rolls. Stuffed food items like samosas, dumplings, and pigs in a blanket are also your friend. Offer personalized kitchen aprons in darker colors so your guests can wipe their hands on them as they enjoy the variety of food you’re serving.