Over the lifetime of your vehicle, its floor and cargo mats can pick up a lot of dirt and stains. These may come from your boots, dirty items being loaded into the cars, pets that hit the mud before climbing in, etc. When you’re cleaning your vehicle, don’t forget about these hard-working accessories. Your custom car mats can be a snap to clean if you know the right tricks.

Cleaning All-Weather Mats

Rugged all-weather mats are usually made of heavy-duty vinyl or rubber. This material is easy to clean but pay attention to the texturing. The weave, divots, or other textures that make these custom car mats skid resistant can accumulate dust and grit.

  • Start by removing the mats and brushing off any debris on the surface.
  • Rinse the mats, ideally with a hose. The water pressure can help remove dirt.
  • Next, swab the surface with soap and water. Leave it to set for a few minutes. This solution will loosen spills and stains.
  • Then take a brush or rough towel and scrub away. Remember those little crevices!
  • One more rinse will get rid of any lingering dirt.
  • Finally, dry your all-weather mats. They’re now clean and ready to be re-installed.

Cleaning Carpet Style Mats

Carpet mats, whether they’re cut pile or loops, need to be cleaned a little differently from their all-weather cousins. That carpeting offers numerous crevices where dust can settle deep into the weave.

  • Start by removing the car mats and give them a quick shake.
  • If they’re dry, vacuum both sides.
  • If they have a wet spill, sprinkle on baking soda. Let it sit for about 15 minutes to absorb as much liquid as possible. Then you can go ahead and use the vacuum.
  • Next, it’s time to give your upper body a workout and work these mats over. Take them outside and shake or smack them thoroughly. This should dislodge the debris buried deep within the carpet.
  • Pro tip: try curling the mat up before shaking. This helps shake out the fibers and allows grit to slide out easier.

What if you have a stubbornly dirty or stained car mat? Try using a stain removing product. Choose one that’s formulated for the carpet material. Test it on a small, unobtrusive corner first. Then follow the product’s instructions carefully. Blot the mat, let it dry, and it should be ready to return to your vehicle.

Struggling with a spot that won’t lift? Don’t forget about car cleaning services. These pros have access to a wide range of stain-busting products. They are a great option to get your custom car mats looking like-new again.