5 Tips from Tech Experts on Keeping Kids Safe Online

There is always a negative side of the internet that the kids may get derailed from their path. Many surveys show that half of the parents do not explain their children to online safety. But not talking and discussing these things will make the situation worse. There are always precautions that you must take to make sure your child is safe online. First of all, get an anti-virus for the system and regularly check for updates. This is the first phase of security you are mandatory to complete.

Several tips can be followed but some of the best are mentioned below-

Talk to your Child:

This is the first and the most important step that you should take is understanding your child’s mindset. Try to connect what your child thinks about the internet. Find out what they think the internet is for. You need to know that they watch online, what’s their favorite music and many things. Talk like a friend and never say no to something without giving a reason.

You are a friend when you talk to your child but when they abuse the power of the internet, set time limits to use. Never leave a child isolated from the Internet. Encourage them to sleep rather than stay online. Never be strict but try to induce discipline.

Check Privacy Settings:

Nowadays most of the apps have default privacy settings that share a lot of personal data with the app especially games targeted towards kids. Vancouver based Tech innovator and entrepreneur Thierry LeVasseur suggests taking a look at the privacy settings on each app your child has downloaded. Thierry Levasseur is a technology entrepreneur and business leader who has a number of patents to his credit, specifically related to e-mail security and data leak protection.

Be a partner:

Surf the internet together. Let them know the bright side of the Internet. Take out some time every day and sit with your child to watch what they do. A locked room or a silent child is the most dangerous thing. Be upbeat and engage with your child freely and accurately guide them.

Use Parental Controls:

This helps you make sure they do not stray aside when you are not watching. But never be too strict and make your kid rebellious. Be understanding and always have a reason for your denial. Kids never go against logical reasons and you can use that in your favor. Limit the screen time using various apps that are available online.

Password Protection:

Teach your kids about password protection. What are the problems that they can face if they disclose any of the passwords to a stranger or friends? You need to explain to them slowly and calmly about the perils of this scenario. Make your kid smart, not afraid. Asses the risks of your child using a certain website and make sure the software is always updated. 

There are various ways to make your child safe and many innovators are coming up with ways to indulge the generation into the bright side of it. Look into the privacy settings of the apps or the videos your kid is streaming online. There are several methods but you should never lose temper and always deal with logic.