5 Steps to Clean the Tarnished Gold and Restore its Beauty Right Away

Gold jewelry holds a unique place in our hearts, from exquisite wedding rings to family heirlooms. Because time may be cruel and leave these pieces looking worn and dull, it is vital to clean your gold jewelry regularly. As a result, you will most likely have to tackle it at home.

Since Gold is precious and expensive, no one wants it to get tarnished. Pure Gold is always 24 Karats. If it is less than 24 Karats, it has been mixed with other metals to increase its hardness and durability, they are most likely to get tarnished. These alloys can tarnish and sometimes erode due to soaps, oils, and wear and tear. The more active your lifestyle is, the less pure Gold you want in your jewelry. Because Gold is a soft metal that scratches easily, mixing it with ten or more parts Alloy will extend its life.

There’s nothing in the world that a person can’t do, and that involves cleaning gold jewelry at home, without needing help from any professional. Professional assistance and help are always the best but if done carefully, one can do it. Here are some steps to remember as to how to clean Gold at home. 

  1. Warm Water:
    In a bowl of warm water, add a small amount of blue Dawn dish soap. Dip the gold jewelry in the water and then remove it without letting it sit in the water for too long.
  2. Gently Scrub:
    After dipping it into the warm water, take a toothbrush and gently brush the gold jewelry over a soft cloth while being very careful around any gemstones. This way, the dirt particles are removed.
  3. Rinse and Polish:
    After brushing gently, rinse the gold jewelry in cold water. Gently polish and dry the gold jewelry piece with a lint-free, soft cloth, such as microfiber or a polishing cloth, and then lay it out on another soft cloth to finish air-drying before safely putting it back in your jewelry box.
  4. Repeat if necessary:
    If your gold jewelry piece still does not have the same brilliance and sparkle as before, start over with warm water. If your gold jewelry is not as bright as it used to be, or if your pure gold piece is not mirror-bright and washing it does not fix it, see a jeweler be sure it has not damaged.
  5. Other Solutions:
    Other gold jewelry cleansers that are equally effective as dish soap and can be found around the house include Windex, White Vinegar, Seltzer Water, Plain Toothpaste. All of the mentioned cleaners are suitable for cleaning harder gemstones such as diamonds and sapphires. If your piece contains softer or more porous gems, such as emeralds or turquoise, you should only use light dish soap or a cleaner intended for particular stones, since any other cleaner could damage them.

Overall, the greatest thing you can do for your jewelry has it cleaned and examined by a jeweler regularly. This will keep your items in the greatest possible condition, allowing them to outlive time. Cleaning your items at home in between professional cleanings is a smart idea to retain their shine and longevity.