Learn Some of the Most Effective Methods to Eliminate Weed Permanently


When it comes to growing plants, one of the challenges that come with it is the growth of weeds. These unwanted plants prove to be detrimental to the survival of desired plants and harmful to the ecosystem. Hence, if you are facing a hard time due to the growth of these unwanted plants, i.e., weeds, it is important to educate yourself on getting rid of weed permanently. Pest and Plant Services has shed light on what kills weed permanently and useful methods that you can apply at homes. 

Types of Weed  

Before delving into the science of eliminating weeds permanently, it is important to know some of the commonly found weeds at homes. There are two types of weeds that grow along with the desired plants and deprives the latter of natural recourses such as water, sunlight, and important nutrients.  


  • Noxious Weeds 


These are plants that are harmful to public health and property. In addition to that, noxious weeds also damage agriculture and wildlife. One of the primary examples of noxious weed is Field Bindweed. 


  • Invasive weeds  


These are types of alien plants that spread out of control in the natural ecosystem. What’s more concerning invasive plants is that they tend to overpower the native plants and spread extensively, invading the new habitat completely.  

Methods to Eliminate Weed Permanently

Over the years, various remedies have been recommended to destroy weed plants without causing harm to the desired plants. However, not all methods will suit all types of weeds. Different ways serve different kinds of weeds. Some of these methods are listed below: 


  • Mechanical Methods 


Mechanical removal of weed is used while considering the type of weed and the stage of its growth. The process involves cutting, burial or, uprooting the weeds completely. The three common ways to destroy the weeds through the mechanical method are:

  1. Withering of the weed to target the subsurface  
  2. Exhausting the reserves to target the surface organs 
  3. Causing lethal damage to the weeds, which is effective in the case of platelets.  



  • Biological Methods  


These methods involve depriving the weed plants of important natural resources such as water, soil, sunlight, etc. A practical way to get rid of weed plants and grass without causing harm to the desired plants would be to cover the targeted area with a wet Newspaper to prevent sunlight and air penetration to the weed.

Other DIY Tips to Eliminate Weed  

There are plenty of chemicals found in the kitchen that could come to the rescue when killing weed and grass. A few of them are listed below  


  • Baking Soda  


Spraying baking soda solution (made of one and a half tablespoon of vinegar dissolved in a gallon of water) on unwanted weed is one of the most effective weed control methods. 


  • Bleach 


A bleach solution prepared as per your choice and then sprayed over the weed is another great way to kill weeds. It helps in decolorizing the chlorophyll, preventing them from manufacturing food due to which the weed cannot survive long. 

Other DIY Tips

Rubbing alcohol, using horticultural vinegar or saline water are some other great ways for weed control. All these DIY methods, using chemical solutions, are not only cost-effective but also environment-friendly


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