5 Places To Get Luwak Coffee Plantation Tour In Bali

You’re a coffee enthusiast and wish to experience the creation of the most expensive coffee in the world, Luwak coffee while visiting Bali? Here are some advocated coffee plantations in which you can have a Luwak coffee plantations tour in Bali.

About Luwak Coffee That You Need to Know

Kopi luwak is the planet’s most expensive coffee. The thing of its high cost is the way of creating such a coffee. Luwak coffee is produced from the coffee beans that have been digested with a particular Indonesian cat-like creature called the civet cat or palm civet. This is why kopi luwak is often called “cat poop” coffee.

Coffee beans are seeds found on the coffee plant in the pit of cherry-size fruits. Eliminating these seeds at the preparation of coffee could be achieved through fermentation. People have devised many ways to synthesize that process of fermentation. However, fermentation also happens naturally in the wild through an animal’s gastrointestinal tract. At the coffee farm, the civet cat eats the ripest berries of a coffee plant. Then through the process of digestion, the seed is separated from the fruit and can be fermented. After about 24 hours, then the cat will poop the seeds out, and voila–the magical in the coffee-making process begins.

After following the collection of the cat’s waste, the beans are cleaned, dried, pounded and finally, roasted over an open fire. Some coffee connoisseurs say that the natural organic process of fermentation leaves the final cup of coffee tasting considerably smoother and less acidic than every other coffee.

Places to get Luwak Coffee Plantation Tour in Bali

  1. Bali Pulina

Bali Pulina is open to the public to support coffee farmers selling their coffee product. Here you can observe the traditional process of creating Luwak coffee, additionally using a tour during its coffee plantation. While enjoying the view of the village, do not miss the coffee testing of your personal choice of coffee provided here.

  1. Teba Sari Agrotourism

Witness every phase of Luwak coffee manufacturing in Teba Sari Agrotourism, from the way the beans are eaten, digested, and excreted by palm civets. You can also take a tour in its coffee garden when watching the natives’ daily activities. Do not forget to try out other kinds of coffee and the Luwak coffee, Bali chocolate, and rice wine which are locally made here.

  1. Alam Sari Agrotourism

Visit Alam Sari Agrotourism and then take a fun tour in its wide coffee plantation. It’s possible to see various kinds of coffee plants and the procedure of producing them into coffee products. Included here is, of course, the production of Luwak coffee. Not to mention, the location has a terrific atmosphere with refreshing air. Besides, joining the tour, guests are welcomed to take different activities, like producing traditional crafts directed by the locals there.

  1. Buana Amertha Sari Agrotourism

It’s among the most famous coffee plantations in Bali. You see the organic process of coffee-making, can choose a Luwak coffee farm tour, and be in a position to go through the coffee testing. Watch the way the heat is used by the coffee beans roasted on a skillet. Enjoy the gorgeous sight of this hill while drinking coffee at its terrace.

  1. Lumbung Sari House of Luwak Coffee

This might be the perfect location if you’d like to experience a short Luwak coffee plantation in Bali. After you enter the place, you will be welcomed by the guide, and they will take you to see the garden. See the traditional making of Luwak coffee then served with some types of coffee for testing.

If you are considering having a Luwak coffee farm tour, you may use travel and tour services in Bali in which the majority of these include it in their itinerary. Ready to visit Bali soon? Find more about Bali and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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