Industry Recommended Methods of Preserving Cheese Curds

Buying food in bulk is something I love to do. Being a mother of two, I don’t get time to rush to the supermarket whenever I need something, and also I save quite a few dollars when I buy food items in bulk, so I prefer bulk buying.

Some food items are easy to store like rice, flour, and cereals, but food items like fruit, milk, cheese curds and vegetable are tricky to preserve.

I am a cheesemonger, and I need cheese or cheese curds whenever I cook. I always manage to store cheese the right way, but when it comes to cheese curds, I struggle to find the correct method.

Cheese curds are something that are irresistible. Once you eat them, it is impossible to stop craving their mild taste and signature squeak. And let me tell you, cheese curds only squeak when they are fresh, and by fresh, I mean just 24 hours after they are made.

Once the squeak is lost, the cheese curd does not taste so good. I have tried preserving the squeak of cheese curds in many ways, some worked, and some didn’t. And here are some methods to preserve cheese curds that are tried and tested.

  1. One simple way is refrigerating the cheese curds. Once refrigerated, the squeak of cheese curds will last for 4 to 5 days, but remember, the squeak will only last if they are manufactured with moisture. Also, for this technique to work, the cheese curds must be stored at room temperature within the first 24 hours after manufacturing. By doing this, the cheese curds will be very squeaky, and even after a few days, the cheese curds will retain the squeak.
  2. If you are not able to purchase the fresh cheese curds, you can refrigerate cheese curds in their original packaging and take them out 20 or 30 minutes before eating them. Make sure the packaging doesn’t dry out, and don’t leave it outside for too long.
  3. Lastly, you can also gently warm the cheese curds for 5 to 10 seconds in the microwave, and this will help you get back the squeak. Don’t heat them up for more than 10 seconds or else you will end up with a puddle of cheese curds.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, the most essential tip is buying high-quality cheese curds with good packaging. I always purchase Pure Dairy cheese curds. They are specially sourced from Wisconsin; Wisconsin is famous throughout the world for its cheese curds.

Pure Dairy cheese curds are the best cheese curds in Australia; they are individually Quick Frozen (IQF), which means faster freezing time. This allows the cheese curds to retain their squeak, taste, texture, and nutritional value.

Since I have started buying these cheese curds, I don’t have to worry as much about storing them. I can easily buy in bulk and enjoy them for a long time, thanks to their correct packaging for storing. I hope the tips I gave you will bring a little squeak back into your life, and you can alsoenoy bulk buying,as I do.