5 Costly Mistakes Dubia Roach Colony to Avoid

Do you want to keep Dubia roaches for your pets? You can buy them from reputable sellers like https://www.topflightdubia.com/. That’s good for your pocket and nutrition requirements. Although breeding and managing these feeder insects is straightforward, a few mistakes could wipe off your investment. Here are the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them.


Dubia roaches have few housing demands, and you can keep them in a container. The conditions should be as natural as possible. Large open spaces are not ideal, given that the insects are social. Additionally, provide dark places (opaque) for hiding to avoid stress. There should be 10-12 hours of dark photoperiods.

Climbing abilities: Dubia roaches can’t climb smooth, vertical surfaces. However, they can climb rough surfaces. Nymphs are likely to climb smooth dusty surfaces, considering their lightweight. If your container is rough, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or a strip of clear packaging tape on the upper side to smooth it. You may not need a lid to enclose these insects, but you may need to keep pets and other people away. The lid should have holes to ensure proper ventilation.

Environmental Factors

The success of breeding a colony depends on the environment. Although Dubia roaches can tolerate low humidity, they need 60% relative humidity to reproduce. The temperatures should be 90 to 95 F.


Allergic reaction symptoms include itchy skin, a runny nose, itchy eyes, coughing, or sneezing. Make sure you have gloves and protective wear when handling the insects. Fortunately, the allergies are treatable with anti-inflammatory medicines.

Breeding Conditions

With the right conditions, a colony multiplies exponentially. After about a year, the insects can sustain your pet’s needs. The females carry about 20-35 eggs until they hatch. However, under stressful conditions, the females can drop the eggs and jeopardize the colony. Moreover, temperatures below 20°C hamper growth and reproduction.

Avoid High-protein Food

Roaches thrive on various foods. They are scavengers with little feeding requirements. They can eat fruits, vegetables, grains, and cat/dog food. But be cautious with high-protein foods. The insects store uric acid when protein is excess. Consequently, the animals feeding on them remove more uric acid than usual. Loads of protein can also kill the cockroaches.

Water and Drowning

Naturally, fruits and vegetables provide roaches with enough water. But if the foods have low water content, you need to supplement the water. Cockroaches are notorious for drowning even in shallow water. The best method is to use water crystals, sponges, or paper towels. Also, ensure that the water crystals are secure and cannot tip over. Distilled water is better than tap water considering the chemicals in tap water. Lastly, do not keep water and food in the same bowls. The food can get wet and mouldy.

Final Word

Breeding Dubia roaches is economical. You can buy these famous pets from sellers like https://www.topflightdubia.com/. These roaches provide nutrition to your reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas, and leopard geckos. However, mishandling them could cause you regrettable losses. So, avoid these six common mistakes and see your colony multiply exponentially in a year.