Guided snowmobile tours at Park City Peaks Snowmobiling in northern Utah are unlike any other professional guided snowmobile tour. You will experience a high adventure tour that is specifically curated to your skills and preferences.

Why a guided tour over a self-led tour? Backcountry snowmobiling in rural Utah can be both challenging and dangerous. Beyond the benefit of safety, the advantages of choosing a guided snowmobile tour over self-direction are numerous. Here are three additional advantages of choosing a guided snowmobile tour at our Utah ranch:

The route is planned for you! This means you can simply arrive, and drive. Our professional guides have in-depth knowledge of the ranch from extensive training and experience. They will curate a tour for you based on your preferences and skill level. This is the most obvious, and best benefit, of a guided snowmobile tour.

Rental options, don’t worry about the equipment! While you are welcome to bring your own machines, we provide snowmobiles for rent during your guided snowmobile tour. All equipment is meticulously checked and fine-tuned so that each new guest has a safe and fun experience on their guided snowmobile tour.

Access to City Peaks Snowmobiling ranch! That is over 60,000 screws of private land for you to explore! Simply inform the guides ahead of time what kind of adventure you want and they will curate the tour for you. We are located on Utah’s largest private ranch, so your adventure can be different every time!

Choosing a guided snowmobile tour with City Peaks Snowmobiling means that you can focus on the fun and the adventure. Our guides plan the adventure with safety in mind and plan to help you experience the beautiful Utah backcountry. The stress of planning a trip, finding equipment, planning the route is completely handled by our professionals which leaves you to just enjoy the day. Booking your curated snowmobiling adventure can be done on our website, or over the phone at 1-888-902-4640. Plan your adventure with a professional guide today.

Park City Peaks is a Snowmobile rental and tour company that offers guided snowmobile tours in Park City, Utah.