A Guide On How To Become A Craft Beer Pro

Craft beer enthusiasts in Singapore like discovering new flavours from all around the world and comparing them side by side. Understanding their origins, the reasons for their appearance, and their flavour’s evolution are just as significant.

However, when talking about any craft beer style and characteristics in Singapore, it is essential to have a basic understanding to converse with friends and potential consumers. As you explore the different types of beer in a craft beer shop in Singapore, here’s how you can speak like a pro in no time.


Understanding Craft Beer Characteristics


When you are in a mood for a chill night, the first thing you’ll notice when drinking a craft beer in Singapore is how it looks. However, this may not always be the case for people who prefer to drink it in a canned beer. But let’s say you choose to drink it in glassware; the factors you’ll have to check are its colour and clarity.

A certain degree of clarity is appropriate for some beers, depending on the style you choose to buy from your craft beer supplier in Singapore. When consuming a beer, you may notice that the leftover head will leave lacing on the surface of the glass, which will tell you of its quality and general flavour.

Colour range

Colour is a personal preference, but there is a scale that you may use to categorise beers based on their hue. Provided an Aussie craft beer in Singapore is in the right style and produced appropriately, you could use The Standard Reference Method. It gives about 40 shades of beer colour to help you understand your beer range.

Aroma flavour

Like how it is when drinking wine, drinking a craft beer from Singapore brewers also needs a smell test. Keep your bottle or glass rimmed with your nose as close to the beer’s surface as possible. Inhale deeply and take note of the many flavours and scents in the beer.

What’s ideal about varieties in a craft beer shop in Singapore is that you can detect a wide range of scents. Once you’ve taken in the smell, concentrate on the larger, more distinct aromas as well as the more prominent ones.

You’ll receive different scents from different craft beers depending on the ingredients, both great and awful.

ABV or Alcohol Content

You can measure the alcohol content in a craft beer in Singapore in two methods. The first step is to take an alcohol volume measurement (ABV) or alcohol by weight (ABW). Suppliers often indicate the original gravity (OG) and final gravity (FG) on the label, and you may compute the alcohol content with a bit of basic math.

However, the alcohol flavour or scent can be excessive in some beers, reducing their appeal. However, you should note the alcohol taste and aroma, as this is especially important when the beer has a high ABV but little to no alcohol flavour.

Make sure you contact and order directly to your craft beer online shop in Singapore about your drink’s ABV or alcohol content.


Identifying Craft Beer Style

Place of origin

Countries worldwide, breweries, and organisations use different criteria to define craft beer, making it impossible to generalise. Every country has their craft beer, like Singapore, the United States, Ireland, British and many more.

There are different histories born in each country with other craft beer shops. Each has their style and method of how they prefer to create their craft beer. The resources available in the area had a significant impact on the brewing process.

For a craft beer shop in Singapore influenced by Aussie, you’ll notice the style of porters, stouts, and pale ales, sour beers, lagers and pilsners.

Beer cellaring or barrel-aged

Beer cellaring can positively or negatively impact your beer in some situations. Conditions must be met for a beer to mature similarly to wine. Brewers consider everything from the beer’s formulation to its storage conditions.

When ordering from a craft beer supplier in Singapore, your drink depends on your preference. While most enthusiasts enjoy craft beer when still fresh, a few people benefit from ageing.

Today’s craft brewers use wood to age their beer to transfer the taste into the finished product. Barrel interiors are frequently roasted or burnt to bring out even more flavour in the beverage.

Used yeast

An important aspect of craft beer in Singapore is that the type of yeast employed has a significant impact on the flavour and aroma of the final product. The yeast separates Ales and lagers during the brewing process. However, there is no doubt that there is much room for interpretation regarding craft beer.

When discussing craft beer yeast in Singapore, there are two categories: ales and lagers. Top-fermenting yeast ferments ales at 60–70 degrees Fahrenheit, while bottom-fermenting yeast ferments lagers at 35–50 degrees Fahrenheit.

In general, ales can ferment and age in a short length of time because of their moderate fermentation processes. Lagers, however, are chilled and produced, and as a result, they take much longer than ales to ferment.

Special flavours

If you order a craft beer from an online shop in Singapore, you may notice different flavours on their menu. It is because craft beer brewers in Singapore explore various flavours to make other particular tastes. A few unique ingredients have grown so popular with beer drinkers that they’ve inspired new subgenres of the style.

Some are fruity, and some are from coffee or chocolate flavours, which are practically rich in taste. Infusing unique ingredients into craft beer will only become more feasible as the market expands in this direction.

History has shown the growth of craft beer in Singapore beer enthusiasts, and if you follow and learn a few steps, you may become a pro yourself.