Why Should You Include Persian Rugs In Your Home Decor?

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It won’t be an understatement if one says home decor is an art. People pay a lot of attention to interior designs. Home decor is an expression of ourselves. It can affect everything from our self-belief to our confidence and productivity. It has made home decor one of the business niches. Many startups are coming up with ideas for designing your house as their theme. Home decor has importance in the modern world as much as it had in ancient times, like Turkish rugs. Three things that a home decor pronounces are:

  1. Appeal
  2. Values
  3. Authenticity

Persian rugs would be the best to corroborate the three.

Why Persian rugs?

Persian rugs have been for around 2500 years. Many emperors of the world used to decorate their palaces with these magnificent carpets. These carpets have a very distinguished pattern that exhibits the culture imbibed in them. The Persian rugs instill those three things that make your home decor unique. Let us see how. 

  1. Appeal – The Persian rugs have a rich texture. It bestows a grandeur appearance on the floors of your house that once decorated courthouses and palaces of many kingdoms. It visually attracts anyone and showcases the class of your taste for things.
  1. Values – Persian rug expresses your eye for art and the richness of your soul. It has a way of drawing others in and opening their eyes to something that your belief showcases. It can create a domino effect that can be highly positive. It can articulate your imbibed values with its designer experience. 
  • Value for Money: Persian rugs are expensive. But with the appropriate amount of care, they can even last for several decades to centuries. These rugs come in hand-woven and machine-woven types. Machine-woven rugs are generally in high demand. Although the hand-woven ones have an antique nature because of their making, they are made of wool or silk. People who adore the richness of a Persian rug prefer to buy the machine-made as they are affordable and have a beautiful look. They are made of synthetic fibers that are smoother and more refined compared to the hand-woven. Machine-made are resistant to fire and dry quickly. They are much more durable than silk or wool. 
  1. Authenticity: A house decor needs to be organic and authentic. Persian rugs have their origin in Persia(Iran). Persian rugs showcase warm and vivid colors, including golden yellow, indigo, and red. Their designs can generally be classified into one of the following forms of decoration:
  • Compartmented floral or geometric design – In this design, the rugs are made into a diamond, square or hexagonal compartments. They contain flower or abstract motifs.
  • Asymmetrical patterns – In this case, two different designs are made for each half cut vertically. 
  • Centralized medallion – This design has an oval or circular compartment in the center of the rug. It contains an animal motif or tribal symbol.
  • Full-cover pattern – The entire rug is covered with repetitive geometric or garden designs.

These are the general patterns of the Persian rugs. These are merged into different combinations, each unique to the regions from which the rugs were made. Some of the notable regions and their patterns are : 

a) Kashan rugs – They successfully combined the ubiquitous central medallion with pendant systems, enhanced by corner spandrels and repeating floral compositions.

b) Joshegan rugs – This region is famous for its tapestries. Mostly their size is four by six feet. Tapestries with larger dimensions were also made. Some of the most oversized Persian rugs are Joshegan rugs.

c) Tabriz rugs – They feature medallions, hunting scenes, flowers, and gardens interpreted in a curved manner. Tabriz carpets and rugs are considered the most beautiful and of high quality. 

There are many more regions that have their unique patterns.

Persian rugs can easily overwhelm your room if not adequately chosen because of their vibrant colors. Before rearranging your room, carefully study the pattern and color of your carpet and check whether it goes with the paint of your walls. Choose the rug based on your need if you’re looking to enrich your home. Otherwise, you can buy any Persian rug or Turkish Rugs just for its value.