Is Sociology Optional For UPSC A Good Option?

As you all must be aware the UPSC syllabus is one of the toughest courses in the Indian education system. It requires thorough preparation for writing the Civil Service Exam. To clear the exam with good grades the candidate must first understand the latest syllabus for UPSC in detail. 

Many candidates find it a little challenging to opt for sociology optional for UPSCas there are at least 48 subjects to choose from. The best format would be to select the easiest option as you get to score good marks. With a good optional one can score a minimum of 70% marks to add to the total. 

If the aspirant happens to choose sociology, he gets added benefit to answer the question as they are related to societal issues and disputes. Although it might sound easy you must always be doing some research regarding the benefits of choosing the particular option. 

To top the Civil Service Exam, you must take coaching from a reputed institution which will guarantee results. You can also opt for sociology online classes if you feel you cannot attend physical classes. The online classes will give you some amount of exposure to education as the physical classes. You only have to be committed and hard-working regardless of any subject you choose.

Strategy to score good marks: 

There is one basic strategy to score marks by the candidate, one must have good literacy skills. The more expressive you are in writing, the more chances that you might win the attention of the reader. Apart from taking coaching for UPSC exams, you must also go for the sociology optional test series along with working on improving your writing skills. 

Sociology Optional:

If you ask me which subject has the most demand in UPSC then I would easily suggest sociology. This optional subject is most opted by the candidates as it has a short and easy syllabus. People with no sociology background can also understand this subject easily owing to the general topics it covers. One of the main factors for its popularity is its availability, the notes and books are readily available online and in the market. 

The syllabus of sociology optional is mainly divided into two groups of papers, paper 1 and paper2. Paper 1 discusses more sociology concepts and paper 2 deals with India and its society. We will discuss how to prepare for the sociology optional exam in detail below:

  • Analyze the concept closely to understand the subject, invest your time in figuring out how to divide your syllabus for studying. 
  • Checking the previous year’s test papers would be helpful as it gives you a wide idea of the format in which the questions are being asked.
  • Taking coaching classes regularly and did the assignments on time.
  • Take demo tests and complete the revision before time to increase your confidence. By doing this you can also clear your doubts and improve your writing skills.
  • Try to cover as many topics as possible, make notes and do group study with your colleagues.

Nevertheless, preparation is the key to success, invest your time in doing research, and gathering more information from general resources to get an idea of current affairs as well as UPSC interview questions. Some subjects are easy and tough but the main key is knowledge and hard work.

Once you get through the test and score good marks, you can proudly become an IAS officer. With this prestigious post comes more power and responsibilities, get ready for doing positive services for the betterment of this society.

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