A leaking air conditionally can immediately set off your alarm. A portable air conditioner is a valuable investment, especially if you do not have a built-in conditioner in your home. A leaking portable conditioner is a sign that something is not working right. It can be draining mentally trying to figure out what the problem is, especially if the weather is really humid and you need it to work immediately. Using a faulty conditioner may also pump up the cost of your electricity bills. This is why you need to identify the cause and find a solution. In this article, we assess all the possible causes of leakage in a portable air conditioner, and the necessary AC repair measures you should take to get your conditioner grinding again.

Clogged drains

A clogged drain will prevent the seamless flow of water through the drainage pipes. It is vital that you address the problem immediately to keep the water within the system. There are several ways to unclog the drainage system. To start with, clean the pipe that drains water into the reservoir then blow into it to remove any blockage. Secondly, you can use a wire to dislodge anything that is blocking the drainage. To do this, insert a wire into the system, then once you find some resistance, twist until you can freely move the wire back and forth.

If neither of these two works to unclog the pipes, get a, AC repair professional to figure out the issue.

Once you have successfully unclogged your drainage system, the next step is to prevent them from recurring. In most instances, water leaking can result from water stagnating in the drain instead of flowing to the dispersion point in the condenser because of clogs. To completely prevent clogs, add a tablespoon of bleach to the tray once the system is unclogged. This will destroy any fungus from growing.


Another reason for the leaks may be cracks within the system. Portable air conditioners can get cracks if you drop them while moving or if they freeze up. Check the condensate pan and condenser are for cracks. These two areas are susceptible to drastic fluctuations in temperature. If there are any cracks in your ac, use a resin poly sealant to seal the crack. Give the resin about half a day to dry up before turning up the machine again.

Dirty Heat Coils and Filters

An air conditioner works best when the air is flowing freely through it. If there is dirt in the heat exchange coils or filters, the ac will cool down; hence the air will condense, causing water leakage. To clean the coils, you can use a hose or shower head to get rid of the dirt. You can also use a spray bottle. Infuse the cleaning water with an antiseptic to eliminate mold and bacteria. If you are unsure about how to go about this process, follow the instructions on the user manual.

Lack of refrigerant

If the drains are unclogged, and the exchange filter is clean, the other possible cause of water leakage could be insufficient refrigerant. If this is the case, hire an AC technician to do a thorough assessment and solve the issue.


We hope this has been a useful guide if you are experiencing leaks in your AC. Try these solutions and get your conditioner working again. You should also ensure the AC is flat. If you are unable to deduce the cause of the leaks, contact a professional who will be able to solve structural issues.