Have you ever heard of an electronic cigar and you would love to know more about it? If this has been your concern, then you are definitely reading the right article. By the time you are through with the reading of this particular article, you can rest assured that you will have a perfect understanding about the nature of the e-cig, how it works and understand how various components are working together to make a device work perfectly. You probably must have understood the simple mechanism that the traditional cigar employs to function. This must have been due to curiosity because that is exactly how a human mind is ought to function. You must have realized that the traditional cigars are made from the simplest technology that includes direct burning of tobacco so as to release the desired smoke that is then inhaled. This is so different from the case of the electronic cigar. The latter is known to use an advanced technology that is quite complex to understand. This article will however simplify the way electronic cigar works so that you may have a better understanding that will enable you to put the two types of cigars side by side. Here are some of these components that are found in the e-cig;

  • Heater
  • E-liquid
  • Sensor


Being electronic, you do not have to light it manually just like the case of the traditional cigar. The device comes with a special lithium battery that can be recharged from time to time. Such battery is meant to run different systems that are available in the device. These systems are there to work in unison so as to enable the device achieve the very best of its objectives. The heater therefore ones it is supplied with the power by the battery, it is then able to heat up the electronic liquid in the reservoir so as steam is produced once the required temperature is reached.


Electronic liquid is a chemical that is extracted from the raw and fresh tobacco. It is then flavored and packed. You will then have to buy the one with the kind of aroma that you really love to smell. If you love the strawberry, you will be able to get the opportunity to buy such kind of e-liquid tobacco that you will be able to refill your device’s reservoir with so as you can have a solution that the heater will be able to boil. You will then have to keep checking the levels of the liquid so as you can keep on refilling the tank. It is recommended that the tank should always be filled up to avoid any kind of inconvenience that may lead to the mechanical problem of an e-cig.


A sensor is fitted at the mouthpiece. Once you place the mouth on this piece, information is sent by the sensor to the heater. The heater is therefore triggered to start heating up the liquid in the reservoir for production of vapor.