Why do girls like to watch Korean dramas so much but boys don’t?

One is that boys are far more satisfied in real life than girls, so boys do not bother to ดูซีรี่ย์เกาหลี that they understand. Because the general needs of boys are very simple, career, love. In layman’s terms, it is enough to have money, a house and a wife.

What else can make them unsatisfied?

But girls are different. Since ancient times, the needs of girls have far exceeded those of boys, and even more so than boys. It is not enough to have men with money. They still have their own spiritual satisfaction. All girls have fantasized about being loved by Prince Charming. Even if the last married girl is not even Prince Charming, they have compromised with reality, so they cannot be deprived of their right to continue to fantasize. Boys must not think that these fantasies are empty and unrealistic. All the behaviours of girls are connected. As long as their spiritual level is satisfied, the reality level will be much more harmonious. You don’t want to do it every day. Let your girlfriend complain to you.

The second is that the boys are short-sighted. Korean dramas now are different from those of ten years ago. Don’t you think that Korean dramas are still in the bubble drama of car accidents and cancer? If you think so, you really underestimate Korean dramas.

If Korean dramas always stay in the dream of a brainless princess, why are so many people chasing them? Have you ever thought about it? Why do girls change so many “Korean husbands” and just don’t like you, have you ever thought about it?

Today’s Korean dramas are diverse in genres and novel themes, ranging from sensitive medical and patient issues, to dangerous country issues, and then to close-knit practical issues. What attracts Korean dramas now is their script, their bravery, and their unique perspective. These things are invisible in our country. Girls have a clearer understanding of the world by looking at these inaccessible perspectives. You think they are watching Oppa, but in fact they are watching the world. You think they are watching the love of men and women, and they are watching the future self.

Even the good Korean dramas that are being made today have taught growth and love, and the good Korean dramas made are like a book. The girls are making progress step by step. Whether in life, current affairs, or vision, boys stick to the rules and accuse girls of not being enterprising, but only knowing to look at handsome guys. Looking at it this way, who is not thinking? Enterprising?

Women tend to be much more mature in thinking and mentality than men of the same age, so they naturally want to see more. If boys still treat girls from the perspective of ancient patriarchy, then you will never be able to get a wife in your life. The times need to learn from each other and respect each other. How do you know that while watching Korean dramas, girls are also learning the love skills in them. So, follow the pace of the times and don’t fall behind.