Why Automakers Warranty Their Maintenance and Repair Services?

It is a known fact in the industry of automobiles that the car makers who manufacture newer editions of their models, offers warranty to their customers on these models. We also know that these automakers run parallel repair and maintenance services through their dedicated dealerships. But how many of us know that only few automakers like GMC and Cadillac offer warranties even on their repair work and car maintenance services? But it is a true fact, that we will discuss over right here.

At the GMC dealership near Watsonville we were explained by the senior staff members, that it is to build up a long term relationship of trust and reliability, that these automakers decided on issuing warranties on their repair work and car maintenance services, that are done across the globe by the dedicated dealerships like their own.

But that was something told in brief. If that didn’t make things clear in your mind, then here is a bit more of an analysis we have done on this topic.

Basic Idea Behind the Repair Warranties

The first reason that the staff of the above-mentioned dealership explained to us, is that just the way the automaker makes sure, you get a warranty on their vehicle products, they do the same for their repairs and maintenance. The basic idea behind issuing warranty for any product is to make sure that any fault or damage on the product that is not supposed to happen, must not bother the user within a stipulated period of time. For example, if a car part gets damaged within a few days after the purchase of the car, which is unusual to happen, the cost for its repair and replacement will be covered by the automaker itself. The same logic is being applied when it comes to repairing and maintaining the car parts, of a particular brand. Like the product warranties, the repair warranties will also have a definite period of time, within the limit of which the warranty benefits could be availed.

Relieving Their Customers from Anxiety and Harassment

The automakers are issuing warranties on repair and maintenance jobs mainly to ensure that no user of their products and services feel anxious and harassed after receiving their car back after a repair, with no cure.

It is a commonly found situation that after a car is handed over to the service center for repair or maintenance, come back with the same issues or even newer ones, due to some errors from the part of the mechanics, or negligence. To make sure that in such cases, the user will not be asked a repair cost yet another time, because of no fault of theirs, these warranties on services are issued by these leading automakers.

Limitations to these Warranties

At a Cadillac service and warranty center, we came to know that like any other warranty of products, even the service warranties issued by the automakers will also have their limitations, terms and conditions. These warranties will have a specific coverage, on the repair and maintenance items, as well as have a limited period of validity, beyond which these warranties will not stay effective.