As a sportsperson, you should be familiar with having sport injury as it is very common in your type of career. Injuries like sprain, strains and fracture occurs when the body is overworked and others occur due to stretching the muscles like osteoarthritis and other injuries like knee dislocation, skin burn due to falling. You should know this as a sportsperson, not all doctors can attend to your injuries because they are not trained to look after your type of injuries. Only a Sports medicine doctor has the proper training and licence to administer proper treatment to you. Not all doctors specialise in treating Athletes which is why knowing who can treat you, is very important. 

It takes a physician who has gone through special training meant for Sports medicine doctor to treat you when you get injured. This is because not all doctors can diagnose you. Only those who are trained would know the possible cause for your injury. Sports injury is mostly caused by accidents on the field and sometimes existing health conditions are triggered when the players are stressed. Depending on the type of injury that you have, you may need to be placed on a strict nutrition plan to nurse you back to health. You can be sure of getting the needed treatment and sometimes x-rays are used to determine the extent of the damage caused on the field. You can be sure of getting your life back on track when you have a specialised doctor attending to you as they can help you get fit even when you have difficulty in walking as a result of a sprained knee or broken bone, you can be sure if getting back your health fitness. 

General doctors are used to treating all manners of diseases and injuries and while they may be able to attend to an injured athlete, you may not get the adequate care and treatment that you rightfully deserve or desire. This is because, it is not in their training to attend to injured athletes. They may not be able to easily determine the cause of your injury and in most cases tell you when you can return back to your career after having full recovery. They will not be able to determine when you can start training back or if it is safe for you to engage in any sport related activities without delaying the healing process or worsening your health condition. All this a Sports medicine doctor is trained to know.