Hiring In Kenya

Kenyan growth in the past decade has been driven by the expansion of the country’s agricultural output. The agriculture sector has grown by an average of 6.3% annually since 2005, while services grew at 4%. The manufacturing sector, which depends on agriculture for inputs, grew by 4.4% annually in this period. This is because Kenya is an agricultural powerhouse with a diverse range of crops and livestock products that are exported to other countries.

Economic growth in Kenya was also stimulated by major infrastructure investments such as the Standard Gauge Railway and a new international airport terminal under construction at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Why does it take so long to hire someone in Kenya?

The government claims that it takes a long time to hire someone because they want to make sure that the candidate is qualified and has the necessary experience.

On the other hand, employers say that it takes a long time because of how hard it is to find someone who speaks both English and Kiswahili fluently, who can pass security checks, and has the right qualifications for the job.

Hiring in Kenya seems like a difficult process because of how many hoops an employer needs to jump through before they can get their new employee. As well as that, there are not enough people in Kenya with the skillsets needed for employers to fill these positions.

The Hiring Process in Kenya

The hiring process is the process of recruiting and selecting an employee for an organization. It can also be defined as “the techniques used to find, attract, and retain employees”. The steps of this process vary depending on the organization or company that one is working for. Recruiting, interviewing, and evaluating are the most common processes that are followed by organizations when hiring new employees.

The first step in any hiring process is to identify the skills and qualifications needed for the position at hand. Candidates with relevant experience or skills must be identified before conducting interviews or making any offers of employment. Once these candidates have been identified they need to be contacted through email, phone call, text messages, etc., in order to schedule an interview if necessary. For many positions, it is important that a face

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring In Kenya

A lot of people are not aware of the mistakes they are making when it comes to hiring. It’s good to have someone around that can share their experience and offer advice on what to do or not do. That’s why I’ve created this list of nine mistakes to avoid when hiring in Kenya.

1) Not doing enough research before the interview

2) Focusing too much on your company’s “brand” instead of the candidate

3) Not asking about their availability

4) Not checking references

5) Losing focus during the interview

6) Making assumptions based on first impressions alone

7) Asking inappropriate questions during an interview

8 ) Losing sight of your goal for Hiring

9) Getting too personal with your questions

How To Enhance Your Company’s Hiring Process with These Simple Steps

The purpose of a recruitment agency is to help companies find the right employees for their positions.

To do this, a recruitment agency will follow a process that typically includes: screening candidates, interviewing candidates, and then making a hiring decision.

The interview process can be intimidating for those who have never been interviewed before. It can also be stressful for those who are being interviewed as they have to worry about how they come across and what questions they will be asked during the interview.

Useful resource: https://africa-hr.com/kenya-employer-of-record/