Best Time to Prune a Tree

For reasons unknown, many people believe that fall is the perfect season for tree pruning. During this season, the bright leaves begin falling and the large tree limbs resemble an iffy look. However, this assumption can damage your precious trees or even kill them. As per a tree surgeon, during fall the plants prepare for dormancy.

Qualified tree pruning professionals are of the view that anytime between late fall and early spring is the best time for tree trimming.

Best time to perform tree trimming to inhibit the growth process

If you want to limit the growth of a tree, summer months are the best time for tree trimming. To ensure that you don’t stress the tree, trim the diseased and damaged branches. Trimming any major scaffold branches can also leave your plant’s foliage prone to sun damage. You can seek the help of an expert tree surgeon in case the growth of the tree is out of control. Moreover, growth after summer pruning would be less vigorous too.

Best time for tree trimming to repair damages

There are a variety of ways through which a tree gets damaged. Thunderbolt strikes, storms and previous poor trimming work are the main reasons behind the damage of a tree. If you have doubts that your tree is unhealthy or damaged, seek of qualified professionals. Wounded trees, when left untreated, can make you incur higher charges in the long run.

The ideal time for tree pruning to maximise flowering

To maximise flowering, you need to prune the plant after the fading of the plant’s flowers. Thus, the ideal time to trim flowering plants is after the dropping of the petals. A qualified professional would prune the plant before the growth of the new shoot.

There are many rules and legislations on tree pruning. At times you also need to lodge a formal application for permits. An expert tree surgeon is well-aware about these intricacies and ensures that your trees are safe.

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