Finding the right apartment ,can be tedious and tiring process.The features and facilities that apartment hunters are worried about include the price point, living close to everyday comforts, keeping pets, in-house laundry, and tech-ready houses with the ultra-fast internet.

Here are three apartment hunting tips for the most common challenges during the apartment search process.

1. Leverage Platforms That Offer Virtual Tours, Videos & 3D View

Traveling from an apartment to an apartment can be tedious. When you have looked at various residences, they can all start to mix, and monitoring all of the details is unfeasible.

Enter the virtual journey. This convenient tool permits you to virtually step inside model homes and community amenity spaces without leaving the convenience of home. Not only are you reducing the time to travel, but you can also keep a “top choices list” of the connections, without visiting them all face to face and taking notes. Make a spreadsheet to monitor all of the details and links to the virtual tours. If you need to see some face to face, mark those in another shading alongside the contact data of the renting office.

At MultiLiving, you can find your new home with virtual apartment tours, as well as Smart Suggest. With Smart Suggest at MultiLiving an AI-based bot to refine your search, you can check out best-fit homes as per your requirements without having to go through a tedious process of apartment hunting.

2. Proximity to everyday conveniences and public transit options

Based on your residence location, commuting via public transport to work can be a considerable cash-saver. When scanning for an apartment, think about accessibility to public transportation, or even better, vicinity to where you work or go to school. Getting a good deal on gas, vehicle protection, and maintenance leaves more in your budget to devote to monthly lease and other expenses.

3. Ask For Help

Usually, when we move into a new apartment home, connecting with the landowner for everyday inquiries isn’t always straightforward.

Check out MultiLiving which is a network of curated rental homes with personal concierge to take care of all your daily chores and run household errands all through the mobile app at the click of a button